Virtual Entrepreneurship Program



LaunchTN’s Virtual Entrepreneurship Program is an online educational course designed for entrepreneurs and people interested in entrepreneurial careers in Tennessee.

The program is virtual, self-paced, and fully accessible online via computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Digital curriculum from The Entrepreneurial Mind teaches innovative entrepreneurship in more than 17 hours of video lessons, organized in modules.

This course will walk you through everything you need to know to start and grow a successful business. The virtual, in-depth material covers subjects from a deep dive into entrepreneurial thinking and the process of entrepreneurship to testing your business model, funding your idea, making your business legal, and hiring your first employee. Learn how to build a human resources system, manage your cash flow and debt (the bootstrap life), expand and scale your marketing plan, take on funding, exit your startup — and everything in between.

What you’ll experience

  • Communication from LaunchTN (including resources, supplemental material, discussion questions, etc.)
  • Virtual meetups and discussion groups with fellow students (dependent on demand)
  • Introduction to the Tennessee startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem, including connections to local and state-level resources to benefit your business

What you’ll gain

  • Mentor matching as appropriate with local network partner, based on business needs
  • Lifetime access to hundreds of business how-to videos from the curriculum author of The Entrepreneurial Mind
  • Free admission to 36|86 Festival

Apply now!

Registration is limited to 150 Tennessee residents, and spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference will be given to those located in a rural or distressed county.

Contact ashlin@launchtn.org with any questions.


Are there tests/quizzes?
Yes — each unit is followed by a quiz. Quizzes can be taken unlimited times but must be successfully passed in order to complete the course.
Can I access the courses on my phone?
Yes — all materials are mobile-friendly and accessible.
Is any of the material industry-specific?
At this time, all course material is industry-agnostic.
What if I don’t finish the course in six months?
You must complete the course within eight months in order to receive the registration refund, receive the discount admission to the 2020 36|86 Festival, and participate in the certificate award ceremony.
What if I can’t attend the certificate ceremony at 36|86 in Nashville?
We will mail your certificate to the address you provide during registration.


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