Internship Program

More than 200 undergraduate and graduate students have participated to-date in Tennessee’s startup community via paid seasonal positions. Our interns work at one of our statewide partner Entrepreneur Centers or select high-growth startups located across Tennessee.


The Internship Program gives students an opportunity to work with a growing startup or ecosystem builder in Tennessee. Our alumni consistently share that the diverse experiences and relationships they develop in the summer program are memorable, enjoyable, and highly relevant to anyone pursuing an innovative career path.

Student Details

  • Receive a stipend totaling $6,500 for the 12-14 week program
  • Participate in the program from May to August 2021, with flexible start and end dates depending on student schedules and company preferences
  • Report directly to a supervisor at the host company or entrepreneur center
  • Have access to a mentor(s) or advisor(s) in addition to their assigned supervisor
  • Participate in a LaunchTN onboarding event, join professional development events, and have the opportunity to do an “intern-swap day” with a student in their cohort
  • Currently enrolled as a college student (including in doctoral or master’s programs) or recent graduate (no earlier than December 2020)
  • Able to locate in Tennessee for the internship term OR participate remotely
  • Interested in entrepreneurship and working in a flexible, ever-changing environment
  • Able to problem-solve on the fly
  • Curious and adaptable
  • A strong communicator
  • Interested in startups, startup ecosystems, and technology

Student eligibility

Host Companies

We invite Tennessee startup companies and Entrepreneur Centers to apply to host a summer intern. LaunchTN will provide intern recruitment, onboarding support, and we will share costs for the student stipend. For our students, we’ll provide networking opportunities with program alumni, leading Tennessee founders, and fellow interns.

Company Details

  • Host companies may recruit their own student candidates and are not required to select from LaunchTN’s applicant pool
  • Interns will be on a full-time schedule (40 hours/week) over a 12- to 14-week period (depending on students’ school schedules)
  • Host companies are not guaranteed an intern. Successful placements require mutual interest from the company and the intern, as well as adherence to the timeline.
LaunchTN Provides
  • Program promotion to recruit student applicants
  • Applicant screening
  • Selected candidate-information packets to host companies
  • Intern management plans, as needed, in conjunction with host companies
  • Student contracts
  • Networking and learning events for interns
  • Social media platforms and other opportunities for alumni and current participants to connect with one another
  • Education for interns on resources in the startup community
  • Exit surveys and program data
  • A Tennessee startup company or Entrepreneur Center
  • Majority-based in Tennessee and remain in the state through the summer 2021 internship term
  • Define a specific project or general scope of work for the intern position and create a management plan
  • Participate in the interview process
    • LaunchTN conducts the initial review of applications and phone interviews
    • LaunchTN matches candidates with companies and shares application packets with selected host companies for review
    • Host companies select candidates and conduct interviews
    • Host companies or LaunchTN extend offers to selected candidates
  • Assign a supervisor for the intern and ensure weekly check-ins
  • Identify a mentor for the intern (other than the supervisor)
  • Provide $x amount of total $6,500 stipend (amount dependent on funding provided by LaunchTN)