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Possip Internship

Possip gives schools and districts a pulse on parent feedback using a 1-minute multilingual weekly text survey. Possip uses the text pulse check survey to gather feedback that is translated into actionable, weekly reports for schools. Possip is a national company that helps schools and districts make parents their greatest asset.

Outreach and Operations Intern
A Possip intern would be responsible for supporting Possip’s work to increase the awareness of Possip for potential schools, districts and parents as we continue scaling. The intern would also support the experience of Possip for current Possip customers (parents and schools) through customer interviews and surveys, data analysis, and industry and sector research.

An intern would support building out a branding and social media strategy, execute on customer interviews with current Possip customers, and conduct research of comparable companies.

Desired Skills

  • Exceptional judgment and maturity
  • Learner mindset and orientation/coachable
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Social justice and educational equity orientation
  • Must be comfortable communicating across lines of racial and socioeconomic difference
  • Marketing and branding background and experience a plus!
  • Multi-lingual a plus

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