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Disrupt the Continuum tells the stories of entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem builders who challenge the status quo and carve their own paths. Tune in to find out how industry leaders got where they are today. These captivating stories of innovation will motivate you to make your next move. Available for download on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify.


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  • Disrupt the Continuum Returns for an All New Season

    Launch Tennessee’s acclaimed Disrupt the Continuum podcast is back this spring for season four, with eight all new episodes recorded with speakers, moderators, and thought leaders at our 3686 Festival 2020, taking a deep dive into the innovators, makers, and game changers powering the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Tennessee.   Special thanks to our partner…

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  • Taking Advantage of Underrepresented Markets with 500 Startups

    Amit Bhatti, principal at 500 Startups, explains how COVID-19 is reshaping the world of startups and fundraising, especially in markets like the Southeast.    Amit Bhatti believes that founders from smaller markets have a unique work ethic and creativity that people from traditional startup hubs often lack. As principal at 500 Startups, Bhatti invests in…

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  • Raising Capital in the Southeast with Monique Villa

    Monique Villa, investor at Mucker Capital and co-founder of Build in SE, shares her perspective on the unique advantages founders can access when they build their companies in the Southeast.    Monique Villa wants to help people understand that the Southeast is full of great talent and resources to help founders succeed. As an investor…

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  • Building a Fashion Brand in the South with Savannah Yarborough

    Savannah Yarborough, owner and creative director of SAVAS, discusses the unique experience of growing an in-demand fashion business in Nashville.   Savannah Yarborough knows that fashion is deeply personal, and she’s passionate about working with clients to create their dream pieces. Yarborough is the owner and creative director of SAVAS, a leather goods company specializing…

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  • Leading Through a Crisis with Goo Goo Cluster’s Operations Exec

    Laurie Spradley, vice president of operations and brand development at Goo Goo Cluster, explains how she’s helped her team navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, one candy bar at a time.    When COVID-19 forced Goo Goo Cluster to shut down their retail store off lower-Broadway, Laurie Spradley knew she would need to lean…

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  • Addressing Systemic Racism in Healthcare with Marcus Whitney

    Entrepreneur Marcus Whitney explains why he decided to speak out about the role systemic racism has played in Nashville’s healthcare system and shares his vision for a more equitable future.   Marcus Whitney spent years avoiding conversations about racism in Nashville’s healthcare industry, but when he noticed that healthcare leaders were largely silent about the…

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  • Integrating Wellness and Inclusion with Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore

    In the season 4 premiere episode, the TRILUNA co-founders share their story of starting a company to bring a more holistic version of wellness into corporate America. When Elizabeth Moore and Ashley Brooke James first met, they’d just quit their jobs to pursue careers in wellness. Amazed by the transformation that yoga had caused in…

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  • Establishing Tennessee as a hub of entrepreneurship

    In the season 3 finale of Disrupt the Continuum, host Clark Buckner and Launch Tennessee CEO Van Tucker provide an overview of the extensive resources available to entrepreneurs all across the state. Van Tucker believes Tennessee is an ideal place to start and grow a business, and it all comes back to community, connection and…

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  • Connecting veterans to the entrepreneurial ecosystem

    Sumeet Chahal, Regional Executive Director for the Central Region at Bunker Labs, shares the exciting work his team is doing to help veterans create and scale their businesses. Sumeet Chahal wanted to start a business after serving in the Marines, but he struggled to find the network to make it happen. And Sumeet is not…

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  • Elevating the life sciences in Tennessee

    Abby Trotter and Ted Townsend, executive director and chairman of the board of Life Science Tennessee, respectively, explain how Tennessee’s life science sector is aiding in economic development. Abby Trotter and Ted Townsend believe life science is one of the most important industries for improving people’s lives, and that work is more critical than ever…

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