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October 7th, 2014

October 7th, 2014

Tennessee Innovation in the News

Find, Foster, and Fund: Angel Capital Growing, Gaps Remain in Capital Chain
Knoxville News Sentinel
Becky Hancock was so impressed with the results Knoxville startup Survature produced for the Tennessee Theatre she gave the company the opportunity to put on a show.
Startup Week Chattanooga: Unpredictability of Technology Doesn’t Dampen Local Enthusiasm
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Technology, at least at its birth, offered the promise of predictability. Without humans to muddle things up, a machine could organize data in an orderly fashion. But, really, technology — more specifically, the Internet — is not predictable, said David Weinberger during his keynote talk Monday, setting off Startup Week Chattanooga.
User Experience Design School Officials Taking Applications, Raising Funds
New user experience design school Center Centre is raising scholarship money and scouring through student applications as they move toward a January 2015 opening. “We want 36 of the most awesome students ever,” co-founder of the school Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman said. User experience design is a relatively new field that’s been popularized by companies such as Apple

National Innovation in the News

5 Unforgettable Leadership Qualities for Successful Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are a different breed of leader. Renegades, rebels, world changers, innovators, black sheep, risk takers, workaholics — these are just a few of the names we are called by both those who love us, and those who don’t understand us. One thing successful entrepreneurial leaders have in common is a high degree of emotional intelligence, or the capacity to be aware of, control and express our emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships fairly and empathetically.

Three Words Entrepreneurs (and VC’s) Should Take to Heart

Both Sides of the Table

The correct answer is ‘I don’t know.’ In the world we live in we are often expected to be experts. We are expected to know everything and many people rush to conclusions given a limited set of information. Learning comes from starting with a point-of-view that says, “I don’t know.” I said I learned this 15 years ago because that is when I stopped being a consultant.

If you take a quick look at the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, you’d probably conclude there isn’t much to be learned from studying them. The paths they took to become Amancio Ortega (Zara), Larry Page (Google), and Oprah Winfrey (Harpo) are as unique as they are. But–and it’s a HUGE but–while their behavior is idiosyncratic, their thinking is not.
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