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October 14th, 2014

October 14th, 2014

Tennessee Innovation in the News

Big International Deal for edo Interactive
Nashville Post
Executives with edo Interactive have signed a partnership agreement with Visa Europe that gives the locally based financial technology company access to a market of 500 million bank cards in 37 countries. Seven-year-old edo links shoppers’ credit cards with retailers willing to offer instant rebates. In the United States, the company works with six of the top 10 card issuers and more than 1,000 retailers.
The Doctors’ Social Network: Health IT Startup Acts Like Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for Clinicians
Nashville Business Journal
When Don Lawrence launched SurgiChart nearly four years ago, he designed it as an extensive repository for surgeons to upload and store information on every surgery they performed, allowing them to quickly access and share that information with colleagues, patients and others. But, Lawrence said, while the app grew to a few thousand users following its launch, the company soon discovered that those users “weren’t using it any way that we designed it.”
Tennessee’s Life Science Entrepreneurs Unite
The Tennessean
The life science industry spans many different markets and includes companies in fields such as medical device, pharmaceuticals, research, bio-agricultures and bio-logistics. Leading the charge to support innovators and entrepreneurs in this sector is Life Science Tennessee, a statewide nonprofit organization whose members include companies, universities, research institutions, government economic development groups and other industry associations.

National Innovation in the News

5 Rules for Making the Leap to Full-Time Entrepreneur

Some people simply can’t leave a relationship–no matter how bad it is–until they’re certain they have the next one locked down. That’s time when they are not giving 100 percent to anyone (including themselves). The same can be true of entrepreneurs. Yes, it’s scary to let go of your other sources of income and dive headfirst into startup territory. But you have to take risks if you want to fly.

The Golden Rule of Startup Capital: Don’t Waste Money


Golden rule of business: Increase shareholder value. Golden rule of investing: Buy low, sell high. Most entrepreneurs know these golden rules. To a great extent, they are (or should be) obvious and self-evident. They are “rules” because they set the foundation for business mission statements, goals and decisions. There is another important golden rule that many entrepreneurs overlook, specifically startup entrepreneurs.

USA Today
Top universities turn out black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering graduates at twice the rate that leading technology companies hire them, a USA TODAY analysis shows. Technology companies blame the pool of job applicants for the severe shortage of blacks and Hispanics in Silicon Valley. But these findings show that claim “does not hold water,” said Darrick Hamilton, professor of economics and urban policy at The New School in New York.

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