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October 11th, 2016

October 11th, 2016


City of Chattanooga Launches New Online Business Tool During Startup Week   
The Chattanoogan
Officials with the city of Chattanooga on Thursday announced the launch of business. chattanooga.gov, a web-based tool where entrepreneurs and startups can efficiently and conveniently start or expand a business by accessing and completing specific licenses, permits, and requirements online. The same services and requests that have been made in person will be available at the website, reducing physical trips to city hall that take time away from operating a successful business.

Creatives’ Day
Creatives Day
Mayor Megan Barry has signed a proclamation officially declaring Saturday, October 22nd as Creatives’ Day in Nashville, TN! Creatives’ Day is a day of recognition dedicated to individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation. It includes, but is not limited, to songwriters, visual artists, film art professionals, creative entrepreneurs, journalists, photographers, dancers, jewelry designers, and musicians living and working in Nashville, TN.

Governor’s Task Force Focuses on Health, Education, Entrepreneurship
The Tennessean
To improve Tennessee’s rural communities, the Governor’s Rural Task Force is recommending new resources for entrepreneurs, incentives for rural teachers, healthy eating initiatives and employment resources for former inmates. The task force, created by Gov. Bill Haslam last year, seeks to address challenges in rural areas that have held those communities back as Tennessee’s overall economy thrives. While household income is at a record high statewide, seventeen rural counties in Tennessee fall in the bottom 10 percent of the nation, according to a report released Monday by the task force.

Here Is What Entrepreneurs Really Look Like
When most of us hear the word entrepreneur the first image that comes to mind is that of Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk or Mark Cuban. That’s no surprise when those are the faces we most often see and those are the success stories we most often hear. The #FacesofFounders campaign launches today to remind us that it’s not just young white males starting companies. It’s not just techies, either.

How Georgia, Tennessee and Florida Fared in 3Q Venture Capital
Valor Ventures
Where were most 3Q venture capital deals done? Well, sure, you nailed it– the lion’s share got struck, (or stuck, as the case may be) in the top venture capital cities of New York, San Jose and San Francisco. That’s just a small fraction of the story. For yet another consecutive quarter, more U.S. venture deals were done outside of the Valley than in it.

Traveling Tech Day
Nashville Technology Council
October 25, 2016– Following the huge success of LEAP Day 2016, we are sending more students to local businesses and college campuses to learn more about jobs & education in the field of technology. More than 100 students will participate and meet with technology professionals in the forefront of their industry. We need companies who want to build their future pool of applicants by investing in the students who will become tomorrow’s technology talent for Middle Tennessee.

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