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October 1st, 2014

October 1st, 2014

Tennessee Innovation in the News

Rise of the Rest Wildcard Artiphon Aims to Take its Next-Gen Instrument to the Masses
Nashville Business Journal
Data marketing startup Checkd.In may have taken home the grand prize from AOL co-founder Steve Case during his Rise of the Rest stop in Nashville this summer, but it’s not the only company the tech luminary wanted to be a part of. Artiphon — a buzzy music-tech startup that won the staff favorite prize from Southland co-sponsor PandoDaily in June — landed a personal investment of $100,000 from Case following the contest.
Startup Week Features Out-of-Town Industry Experts
Startup Week organizers are bringing seven out-of-town speakers for the six-day celebration of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial community. There will be about 50 different events, and there are even events within the events. For example, Dr. David Weinberger’s keynote speech at Startup Week is also a part of the Chattanooga Spirit Series, which is a string of speaking engagements that feature national voices highlighting innovative topics.
Survature Presents “Phenomenal” Findings for Tennessee Theater
“You have an audience that is really, really loyal,” Survature’s Jian Huang told a gathering last week that included the Tennessee Theater Foundation’s Board of Directors and others interested in the theater. The Co-Founder of the Knoxville-based start-up was presenting the findings of an on-going activity that Survature has been undertaking to help the historic venue better understand the priorities of its customers.

National Innovation in the News

Steve Blank: ‘Entrepreneurship is a Calling, Not a Job’


During the course of my conversation with veteran entrepreneur Steve Blank, he described himself as the “busiest retired man you’ve ever seen.” That’s a fair assessment. Blank is a prolific blogger and a teacher and lecturer at universities like Berkeley and Columbia. He also works with organizations like the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation to, in his words, “commercialize science” and innovation across the country.

These Two Startup Veteran Moms are Compiling Binders Full of Experienced Female Coders

Fast Company

As a female Perl developer with a decade of experience, 34-year-old Dana Kelemen should be a dream come true to every diversity-starved tech firm out there with too many brogrammers on its hands. There’s just one hitch. As a new mother looking for a new job earlier this year, Kelemen needed to either find affordable day care or a work-from-home position. Also, her home happens to be in Romania.

U.S. Small Business Administration
While it is generally understood that a gender gap exists in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, less research has been done on women entrepreneurs in the STEM fields. This report expands on the limited literature specific to women entrepreneurs within STEM fields. In addition, it aims to identify any significant factors or trends that may prove useful to those interested in policies directed at increasing participation of women entrepreneurs in STEM fields.

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