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November 24th, 2014

November 24th, 2014


Google Fiber Takes Important Step, Files for State Franchise Certificate
Nashville Business Journal
California tech giant Google has filed an application for a state-issued certificate of franchise authority with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority for its super-fast gigabit Internet network, Google Fiber. The application, filed late last week, says Google subsidiary Google Fiber “intends to begin to offer video service for purchase or provide new broadband Internet service … within twenty-four (24) months of the date of issuance of state-issued certificate of franchise authority.”

Overdog Hires Chief Technologist
Nashville Post
Social video gaming company Overdog has recruited the former chief technology officer of Major League Gaming to be its chief technologist. Brian Corrigan joined Nashville-based Overdog, which was founded two years ago by Steve Berneman and former Vanderbilt and Chicago Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, earlier this fall. He left Major League Gaming, the world’s largest e-sports league, in August of 2012 and has since helped run New York-based software development firm MadGlory.

Start Co. Takes on the Coasts
Start Co. hit the coasts last week to exchange best practices and share a taste of Memphis. Al Pickett represented Start Co. in DC to kick off the Small Business Administration’s Growth Accelerator Fund. The rest of the team traveled to San Francisco for a slew of meetings and a Demo Day event.

Tapping the Text Market: Chattanooga Startup Text Request Unveils New Technology
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Grocery shopping and need to where the olives are? Want the dinner check but your server hasn’t circled back for ages? Feel like letting your local salon know their stylist cut too much off your bangs? A Chattanooga startup gives you texting power for all that. Text Request launched Thursday with a technological splash, showcasing its interactive service at the Imax theater in downtown Chattanooga.

Will it Float? Knoxville Startup Innovasan Corp. Wins Award in Annual Competition
Chattanooga Times Free Press
The images would turn your stomach, so we won’t lay them out here. But Innovasan Corp. has dealt with them for six years and developed technology to make them a little easier to bear — if only because you know they’d never end up in your town’s water treatment plant. “Medical treatment facilities around the world lack an affordable, safe option for disposing of their infectious fluid waste,” said Jeff Hubrig Jr., Innovasan’s manager of business development.

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