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May 5th, 2016

May 5th, 2016


Back in the day when I was doing “Wine Library TV,” I got a lot of flack for commenting about sports or cultural events on social media or my video blog. A lot of people commented to “stick to wine” or that I’m just a “wine guy.” They thought that talking about sports and world news was off-brand. Yeah, I know a crap-load about wine, but guess what?

Healthtech: Spera Health F&F Raise Likely Prelude to True Seed Round
Venture Nashville Connections
Spera Health aims first for its software platform to support addiction recovery en route to the startup’s broader positioning in the Behavioral Healthcare arena. Meanwhile, Step 1 is the Friends and Family raise. Then, late this year or early next, Co-Founders James Crater, Chase Merlin and serial entrepreneur and mentor Bill Brennan are likely to pursue a $1MM-or-greater Seed raise, Crater told Venture Nashville.

Skuid Makes CrunchBase’s Top 25 CRM Startups List
Reflecting how diverse the startup CRM ecosystem is right now, the latest CrunchBase data has 71 different categories and subcategories to track startup CRM investments. They range from data integration startups specializing in CRM systems to analytics, visualization and vertically-designed CRM systems for telecommunications and other industries.

Starting with Communities: How Entrepreneurs Can Solve Urban Problems
High Ground News
When asked to define social innovation, Tarver hesitates. While people tend to call his area of expertise social innovation, he just considers it to be urban entrepreneurship. “The two terms are often used synonymously,” he said. “I focus on solving problems for people living in urban communities. If you view that to be a social mission, then the name fits.”

WeCounsel Founder Talks Pivot, Funding, Entrepreneurial Grind
After a business pivot—which put local startup WeCounsel “effectively at square one”—the cloud-based, telemedicine platform has secured $3.5 million in Series A funding. “We set out with a goal last April of executing on this revamped plan,” WeCounsel founder and CEO Harrison Tyner said Monday.

Why Attend SEMDA 2016? Regional Medtech Connections DO Make a Difference!
It was December 2006. We were in the midst of fundraising with a Nashville-based medical device company that I co-founded out of Vanderbilt University, Pathfinder Therapeutics.  It was an even more challenging time to raise money in the southeast for pre-revenue, pre-FDA clearance medical device companies – we had been doing the “road show” for about 8 months across the northeast and now clearly understood the challenge before us.

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