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March 4th, 2016

March 4th, 2016


@GaryVee: Marketing in the Year 2016
If you clicked on this article thinking that I’m going to tell you to make a Facebook page, boy are you wrong. Maybe I would have said it in 2007, but guess what? It’s 2016 and it’s about time everyone started marketing like it. Unfortunately, it seems like most everyone is still marketing like it’s 1999. Some people even market like it’s 1979. The mistake they are making is this: They are not following where the consumer attention is going.

Dose Healthcare Eyes Series A, Serves Consumers at Home or Work
Nashville Venture Connections
Dose Healthcare, the mobile-centric medical startup that provides telemedical care or dispatches medical professionals to home, office, hotel or workplace, is moving into a Series A capital raise. When asked by Venture Nashville, Co-Founder and COO Jade Preis, 29, acknowledged the raise, but declined to provide details at this stage. Preis works full-time on the company.

Memphis Leads Nation’s Largest Cities in Women-Owned Business Growth
The Commercial Appeal
Neely Draughon started Off The Square Catering in Midtown in 2008. Formerly an accountant in Nashville, Draughon decided to go to pastry school and open her own business. Today the successful catering company serves a variety of pastries and entrees ranging from shrimp and grits to tomato tomato basil soup to wedding cakes. The decision to switch careers and start a business was unconventional but it worked, Draughon, chef and owner said. “You should not just jump into a business and fly by the seat of your pants with no business plan, but that’s pretty much how I did it,” Draughon said.

Nashville Tech Leaders on what Fictional Technology They’d Most Like to Have
Nashville Business Journal
We asked executives at area tech firms what fictional technology they would most like to have. With Nashville’s traffic woes, it’s no surprise that most of them are dreaming of a transporter to immediately get them to their destination. See the slideshow attached to this story for a sampling of the answers they gave.

Secondhand Entrepreneurs Found Success on Broad Avenue
High Ground News
Entrepreneur Paige Miller had spent years collecting vintage items to sell on Etsy and eBay when she and partners Karen Hegleson and Zach Payne decided to launch their own retail space known as Found Memphis. Located on historic Broad Avenue, Found is a curated collection of vintage that Miller and her partners source from throughout the south. “We have a team of buyers who love to hunt for forgotten treasures. We buy what we love, and hope others will appreciate what we found,” said Miller. “Our stock is mostly one of a kind pieces and is always changing.”

VUMC Snags Grant for White House Precision Medicine Program
The Tennessean
Vanderbilt University Medical Center will lead a pilot program in the early stage of the precision medicine initiative established by the White House. President Barack Obama announced the precision medicine initiative in his 2015 State of the Union address. The goal is to map the genome of 1 million Americans to better understand how medicine can be tailored to an individual for better, personalized treatment. Precision medicine is being used in oncology to treat cancers and tumors, although tailoring treatment to an individual’s genetic makeup could be used to treat other diseases.

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