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March 3rd, 2015

March 3rd, 2015


8 Companies to Watch
Chattanooga CityScope Magazine
Talent is created and curated in Chattanooga, and people all over the nation have taken notice. Here are 8 local companies we’ll be watching in 2015. We think you should too. While many Chattanoogans are settling into the new year, local companies are making their own plans for 2015. What are local startups aiming to accomplish? Nothing less than transforming the future of our city with innovative new approaches to well-established fields like medical insurance, legal counsel, and education, while revolutionizing it all with Chattanooga’s lightning-fast fiber optic internet.

APLAIR Licenses ORNL Technology for Spot Weld Testing
Not quite a year ago, Bob Watts launched his latest entrepreneurial journey, one that linked his start-up participating in the 2014 autoXLR8R program and an Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) technology that appeared to be capable of being used to find substandard or missing spot welds. More than 10 months after that exploration began, Watts and ORNL celebrated the licensing of the technology, specifically a specialized software program driven by the researchers’ innovative algorithm. The ceremony was held yesterday at the lab.

Artiphon Raises over $80,000 in Six Hours on Kickstarter
Artiphon, a high-tech company at the intersection of hardware technology and digital production is reverberating through Kickstarter today raising over $80,000 in the last six hours. The company is example of exactly what Nashville’s tech/product community has become. The product, the Artiphon Instrument 1, can transform into a guitar, keys, or drums (or all three at once) using popular apps like Garageband or any type of MIDI-compatible software.

Civic Campaign Winner Could Be in the Next JSF Class with an Extra $120,000
25 local and state governments have partnered with a goal to support public health innovation in 2015 by introducing a campaign called the Multi-City Innovation Campaign (MCIC). MCIC is a program that aims to spur health focused innovation in cities across the country. Furthermore, Jumpstart Foundry is participating as a partner. The winner of the MCIC competition will be in strong consideration for Jumpstart Foundry. The startup could potentially have $120,000, support and partnership from 25 cities, $100,000 from Jumpstart Foundry, for 7.5% equity and a network of 100 mentors.

Fab Cloud Bridges 3D Printing Divide
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Russell Golden and Todd Carriker weren’t looking to launch a new company. The men, who’d known each other for years, had built their own successful startups and were still running them. The idea for The Fab Cloud came up during a game of craps. The two were on vacation with their spouses at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. “Initially it was kind of a joke,” says, Carriker, an IT specialist. After they got stateside, each realized something real could be had: The Fab Cloud would use the web to bridge the gap between companies that don’t have equipment to additively manufacture prototypes or production parts and those that have the equipment and might not be using it to its full capacity.

Knoxville Entrepreneur Center Grad, Little Fishkopp, Launches with Global Mission
A local entrepreneur with European roots has started a business that aims to bring safer, sounder and more stylish sleep to babies and young children across the globe. Uta Preston launched the retail website for Little Fishkopp, a children’s clothing brand specializing in sleep bags for babies and toddlers. The brand’s mission is to make organic and eco-friendly clothing in colorful Nordic designs reminiscent of Preston’s upbringing in Northern Germany.

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