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June 21st, 2016

June 21st, 2016


As Shipping of Long-Awaited Product Begins, Artiphon is Already Eying the Future
Nashville Business Journal

The downside of having one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in the site’s history is that Mike Butera’s startup now has 3,000 orders to fill across 70 countries. To accomplish the task, Butera’s Nashville-based company, Artiphon, is starting slowly.

Grow Bioplastics Wins Competition in Oregon, Now Pitching in Denver
There’s more good news for the Grow Bioplastics team, this time taking home the top prize and $10,000 in the ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s business plan competition. ACS is the American Chemical Society. Co-Founder Tony Bova told us the company won the event held last week in Portland, OR. It is billed as the only business plan competition “devoted to innovations in sustainable green chemistry and engineering.”

The Next Destination for Millennials: Small Cities with Innovation Districts
The Huffington Post
The closed innovation environment of yesterday, where businesses cloistered amongst themselves in office parks, is gone. In its place are innovation districts: environments in city-centers where ideas move freely. Innovation districts allow talent, startups, established firms, non-profits, cultural assets, and more to come together in one place to innovate and create new ideas, policies and technologies.

History Can Repeat Itself
Nashville Fashion Alliance
In the 1990’s, the music industry in Nashville was not as revered as it is today. Most of the industry infrastructure was based in Los Angeles and New York. However, there was a group of music business leaders, made up of big players and small companies, who did not want to live or work on either coast. They wanted to live and work in Nashville, where craft and creativity was balanced with good business practices, as it is today.

Local Trainer, Entrepreneur Featured in Self Magazine
Local entrepreneur and personal trainer Hannah Davis appeared in May’s issue of Self Magazine. “My goal is to impact as many people as possible, and doing things like this gives me a great platform,” she said. “I think there’s a lot of gimmicky stuff out there, and if I can just turn a few people my way—when I know I’m giving solid, attainable information—then I’m doing my job. I’m doing what I set out to do.”

Prominently Backed YouScience Startup Sets $2.5MM Capital Raise
Venture Nashville Connections
YouScience, the East Nashville-based startup that helps youth age 15 to 26 recognize and navigate toward college and early-career options and opportunities, is launching a $2.5MM capital raise that would raise total capital-in to about $16MM. CEO Phil Hardin told Venture Nashville existing investors are likely to takeout much of the fresh round reported to the SEC yesterday.

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