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July 25th, 2016

July 25th, 2016

July 25th, 2016

Egwuekwe: “Expand Your Networks”
Memphis Daily News

As a kid growing up in Memphis, Meka Egwuekwe remembers his first computer clearly: It was from Texas Instruments, the kind Bill Cosby was selling on TV. He played games for six months, then, bored, he pulled out the instruction book and began learning to program in a language called BASIC. “I learned how to make my name move across the screen … that’s how I got started,” said Egwuekwe, now 42.

Evanoff: Memphis’ Newest Tech Firm Gets Around Skills Shortage
The Commercial Appeal
Part of the new tech economy springing up in America is unfolding on the ninth floor of 22 South Front, a place built for Downtown cotton merchants and now the home of Meridian Econometrics. Seven-employee Meridian is the brainchild of John W. Hill, 32, a U.S. Military Academy graduate who returned home after 15 months in Iraq and decided to create a business in Memphis.

Food Delivery Biz Cooking in Nashville
The Tennessean
Move over pizza and Chinese food. A slew of new food delivery companies in Nashville promises to fulfill customers’ cravings for everything from sushi to fresh-pressed juices and hot chicken. With a few taps on a smartphone, people can eat what they want, when they want, all without leaving the house. DoorDash is the newest player in Nashville’s food delivery landscape, where at least seven other companies are vying for market share.

GIGTANK 365 Participant Helping Those Looking for Jobs, “Get Fetched”
“We have built a talent-driven hiring platform,” Jason Hutson says in describing Fetch, a Birmingham-based start-up he and Chase Morrow co-founded. “Talent is fed-up with recruiters, job boards, and LinkedIn,” the company’s Chief Technology Officer explains. “We are Match.com for talent and employers.” Morrow and Hutson bring different but complementary backgrounds to the start-up. The former has more than 20 years of experience in recruiting, including starting and exiting two companies. Hutson has a background in managed services.

Nashville Entrepreneurial Scene Can be “Better Still”
Venture Nashville Connections
Though the national startup scene has gotten “a little hypey some places,” Nashville’s entrepreneurial arena doesn’t seem overly burdened by hype, said Steve Case, the AOL co-founder, venture capitalist and author. Nashville is “clearly rising,” said Case, and the city has assets including recognition, talent, collaboration and corporate presence, particularly in healthcare and music sectors.

The Tech Doesn’t Talk: Nashville Needs to Fix It
Nashville Business Journal
Two hundred thousand people die every year because of a failure to communicate. A trillion dollars is wasted every year. That’s how health care experts set the stage when they talk about one of the biggest concerns facing the industry today: a lack of interoperability. Yes, it’s a big word. And it’s one that means something different to nearly everyone you ask. But interoperability — the ability for medical records and technologies to seamlessly share data in a way that improves patient care — is a problem Nashville’s health care leaders must get serious about solving.

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