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July 24th, 2015

July 24th, 2015

Platt Boyd is a True Believer in the Impact Branch Technology Can Have
If you are old enough, you no doubt remember the famous line from Victor Kiam’s television ads for Remington shavers. “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company,” he said in pitching the product. That quote came to mind when I met Platt Boyd, IV, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Branch Technology. He’s an Auburn University graduate who gave-up a 15-year career in architecture to pursue his vision for better ways to construct buildings. In fact, Boyd not only changed careers, but he also relocated his family – a wife and four children – to Chattanooga several months ago to participate in this year’s “GIGTANK.” It’s clearly a big bet, but one that the architect turned entrepreneur is convinced is the right long-term strategy. Boyd came-up with the idea behind Branch Technology two years ago and pursued it at night and on weekends for months.

Nashville Leads Country in Hotel Job Growth
Nashville Business Journal
A new report based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Nashville led the country in hotel sector job growth last year. Although several Metros, including Las Vegas and New York, hired more total workers, Davidson County had the highest net percentage change. From 2013 to 2014, local hotel employment grew 6.7 percent, according to a report compiled by Headlight Data. That shouldn’t be too surprising, as tourism is up and the city continues to host large-scale events; hotels and hospitality organizations need workers to meet the demand, after all. But a workforce shortage is the primary concern for the local industry. As more hotels open and events like the NHL All-Star Game are expected to bring more crowds, existing hotel players are concerned the pipeline of new talent isn’t long enough.

After Ipreo, Maxwell will Shift to Raising a Nashville-Based FinTech Fund
Venture Nashville
In November 2014, Maxwell, now 47, sold to Ipreo his Nashville-based ShareholderInsite startup, which provided provides tech solutions to enable portfolio and other companies — as well as private-equity and venture-capital fund managers — to manage shareholder, financial and valuation data. Terms were not disclosed. Since that sale, Maxwell has served as EVP and managing director for the Alternative Assets Division of Ipreo, which is an international fintech player and is backed by affiliates of Blackstone and Goldman Sachs.

VortexT® Addresses Information Overload for Healthcare Professionals
Is there anyone who does not feel like he or she has to deal on a daily basis with information overload? I suspect the answer from any reader of teknovation.biz is a resounding “that is so true.” Well, just imagine the challenge this reality presents to healthcare professionals, the very individuals in whom you trust your life. Helping doctors, nurses and even inquiring patients address this challenge is the premise behind VortexT®, a product from one of the start-ups in this year’s “GIGTANK.” Global Security Information Analysts, LLC (GSIA) is an Oak Ridge-based company that developed the VortexT® app.

Q&A with Dave Delaney: On the Fifth Anniversary of Nashcocktail
On July 28, Nashcocktail will meet like they do every month at Jackalope Brewery, but this time, it will also be celebrating its fifth anniversary.  A casual networking event that you’ve likely attended if you are involved in social media and content creation of any sort in Nashville, it’s one of the many brainchildren of Dave Delaney, who runs FutureForth, a social media strategy and digital marketing consultancy. Here is a Q&A with Dave Delaney, just few days away from this event’s milestone.

Kangeaux Outdoors Creates First Flagship Product
Knoxville News Sentinel
When Zach Dycus would go camping as a young college student, he and his friends would often wrap a lighter with duct tape and shoe string for ease of convenience. The improvised contraption inspired Dycus to invent a product that would allow anyone to wrap whatever they wanted to carry hands-free. That was 14 years ago. Fast forward to 2015, and Dycus is the founder and CEO of Kangeaux Outdoors, an outdoor lifestyle startup that the 37-year-old hopes to grow with innovative and functional products.

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