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July 22nd, 2015

July 22nd, 2015

Bohan Advertising Ventures Into Startup Investing
Location-based technology was heralded at SXSW as the next consumer killer app, with  major brands including Virgin Airlines, Macy’s and Apple all jumping on beacon-based opportunities. Now, Bohan Advertising is getting in on the action itself by investing in bluField, a startup company in the beacon technology field. “We believe this technology will enhance consumer experiences with the companies and brands that embrace its use,” says Kerry Graham, CEO of Bohan. “The experience is at the heart of all marketing today and we see this investment as a vital way for us to help our clients have competitive advantage.”

Company Uses Tech to Unlock Education for Prisioners
The Tennessean
Prison lockdowns, solitary confinement, antiquated texts and computer labs. They are the common deterrents in a prison education program that Nashville entrepreneur Turner Nashe Jr. wants to make irrelevant when it comes to inmates pursuing degrees. Nashe’s approach includes a mobile tablet that offers online courses to inmates. The tablet and his CorrectionEd learning system have been gaining traction with state correctional departments across the United States and will be used in more than 35 facilities by the fall.

New Tech Conference “Music City Code” Coming in August
Gaines Kergosien, president of the Nashville .NET user group and resident of Middle Tennessee since 1997, has been wondering for some time why there is not a tech conference in town that better represents the interests of the region.The idea for the conference he thought of three years ago is now coming true as the inaugural 
Music City Code 2015 conference launches next month on Aug. 29, held at Lipscomb University.  Registration will open on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

Local Entrepreneur Opens Holistic Pet Care, Training Business
Local entrepreneur Anna Green spent about 10 years in corporate America before leaving to pursue her passion. “I have done animal rescue work for about 17 years—it’s a passion of mine,” she said. “I finally decided that I wanted to spend all my time working with animals and their people.” She’s opened a new holistic pet care and dog training company called Harmony Animal Friends.

Two ZeroTo510 Companies Win Pair of Honors
The Daily News
Memphis’ emerging status as a hub of medical device activity is getting some major international recognition this month via honors flowing to two startups being incubated here.Two of the four companies participating in this year’s ZeroTo510 medical device accelerator program have, in different ways, scored honors from separate international innovation and entrepreneurial programs.

Vendor Registry “Growing Like a Weed”
Brian Strong uses the construction of the interstate highway system or the transcontinental railroad as metaphors to describe the growth and evolution of Vendor Registry.The Knoxville-based company was co-founded by Strong and Chris Van Beke in 2012 to help expand opportunities for both local governments that were procuring goods and services and vendors who wanted to have more opportunities to bid on these procurements.The company placed first in 2014 in the inaugural “The TENN” master accelerator program run by Launch Tennessee.“We’re growing like a weed,” Strong told us in a recent conversation. The company had six employees a year ago; the number is now 14.

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