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January 9th, 2015

January 9th, 2015


App Aimed at High School Sports Scores Half a Million and a Former Tennessee Titan
Scorebird, a live scoring mobile application for high school sports scores, has wrapped up a seed investment round of $500,000 from undisclosed angel investors. The app has gained regional traction and aims to use the investment to expand the company’s network, add partners and develop a new version of the app between now and the beginning of the next school year.

Digital Underground: Celebrating Nashville’s Creative Class
12th & Broad
There are tons of events in Nashville and more awards ceremonies than we can name. Some are thrown to benefit a cause, some exist for a certain industry and some may or may not be organized for self promotion (not that that is always a bad thing). Awards ceremonies are nothing new but given the landscape across industry in this community, there is a definite need to highlight the creative class. The Nashville Technology Council (“NTC”) Awards strives to do just that.

Eric Mathews of Start Co Is in the Eighth Year of a “20 Year Journey”
Memphis Business Journal
In late 2010, Eric Mathews was tapped out. After devoting more than five years to working with entrepreneurs launching startups, he was down to his last few dollars and was trying to “squeeze water out of a rock” to keep his organization alive. With the 2008 recession still impacting potential investors, Mathews and Mercury Technology Labs were operating day-to-day, and Mathews and his colleagues with Mercury were working on a voluntary basis.

Mobile in Memphis: SynapsePay’s Backers Give Fintech Startup Rare Footing
Venture Tennessee Connections
Synapse, the Memphis mobile-payments startup, has Angel investors who seem tailored to its needs, but it is likely at some point to accept capital from savvy strategics or other investors with expertise to rapidly expand its market share.

Nissan Links Up with NASA to Develop Driverless Cars
Franklin-based Nissan North America is teaming up with NASA to develop an autonomous vehicle. In a joint announcement, Nissan and NASA officials say they will have prototypes ready to test by the end of the year. The work will be done at Nissan’s Silicon Valley research center and NASA’s Ames research center in California. The vehicles will be all-electric, driver-less, and able to carry payloads or people. Nissan aims to have an autonomous vehicle for sale by 2020.

What the Latest Acquisition Means for Nashville’s Fledgling Life Sciences Industry
Nashville Business Journal
In 2011, James Stover founded Diagnovus Inc., one of a handful of startups backed by TNInvestco funds focused on the life sciences industry. While Nashville’s long been a health care town, Stover’s company was unusual for Music City, which has primarily made its bones in hospital services — not life science fields like medical devices, pharmaceuticals or diagnostic testing.

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