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January 30th, 2015

January 30th, 2015


Chattanooga: Galapagos of the Internet?
Chattanooga Pulse
When the Public Library’s Gig Lab had its grand opening a few weeks ago, I spent some time with Jeff Branson, a technology educator who came in from Boulder, Colorado to give the keynote lecture and lead a workshop. He travels the country doing technology education for Sparkfun, an open source hardware company based in Boulder that makes devices at all scales, from single LEDs and resistors up to satellite guidance systems.

Google Fiber Could Attract Hard-to-Find Tech Workers
News Channel 5
Amanda Thurman graduated college with an advertising degree, but now at 25 she’s doing something she never could have predicted. She develops code. “I had always attributed development to be the person who was good at math or the person who was good at science,” she said Wednesday. Thurman works for Brentwood-based TechnologyAdvice, which helps companies pick what technology to buy.

It’s Been a Good Week for Entrepreneurship in Knoxville
The past seven days have been special for the Knoxville region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with nine different start-ups literally in the spotlight on one local stage or another. And, it has helped that they had enthusiastic support at each venue. Late last Friday afternoon, the city hosted its first ever 48-hour launch event when seven entrepreneurial teams began a fast track journey leading up toSunday evening’s pitch that concluded the revamped “What’s the Big Idea” competition.

Job Titles are Going Quirky, Just Ask the Maker of Awesomeness
Chattanooga Times Free Press
In Chattanooga, there are a handful of folks who go to work each day and do something. Something a little quirky, maybe, or something that maybe has been done forever but has taken on a wonky new title like “director of happiness,” or “maker of awesomeness” or even “seafood chef ” (not the Red Lobster kind). Chattanooga bills itself to the nation as a progressive, Southern city on the brink of cool and next-level innovation. Maybe it’s that personality — a disposition outside the ordinary — that has seeped into Chattanooga’s business community.

We are Humans First, Workers Second: Why UX is Winning (by Shelley Prevost)
Inc Magazine
I write about ways to humanize business, and am always intrigued and inspired when I meet someone who is doing just that, in their own unique way. I have recently met one such person. Not quite out of his computer science undergraduate program, Jackson Stone isn’t just thinking about what’s next, he’s building it. Remember his name. I predict you’ll see more of him.


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