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January 20th, 2015

January 20th, 2015


2015 Predictions: Where the Hipsters Get it Wrong (by Vic Gatto of Jumpstart Foundry)
Venture Beat
Fred Wilson is a great VC. One of the best in the country and likely one of the all-time great VC investors. However, I read his 2015 predictions and was struck with how different our views of reality are based on where we live and work. As everyone knows, Fred is a VC in New York and spends most of his time on the East and West Coasts. I think this artificially colors his perspective and makes many of his 2015 predictions incorrect.

Lots Happening at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center
Nashville Entrepreneur Center Newsletter

The Life and Death of Poliana, a Political Startup
Today, Poliana announced that they are ceasing operations and shutting down. In a memorandum, the Jumpstart Foundry cohort alum laid out their journey for all to see, describing their product, market validation, possible verticals, and the story behind the platform. In the memorandum, the team announced they are open-sourcing all code and their designs, closing with the following statement:

McCallie Graduate Launches New Business for Male Nannies
Chattanooga native and entrepreneur John Brandon has launched a new company called MyManny, which is already drawing interest after only a few days of being in business. The idea is to connect families around the country who need child care with a “manny,” which is short for “male nanny.” After running a similar business in New York City, Brandon—a former opera singer—said it’s important to anchor the company’s headquarters in the Scenic City.

We’d Love to See You Around Here!
theCO Newsletter (Jackson, TN)

Valuations and Blurring of Lines Between Angel and Venture Capital
For the third year in a row, we asked angel and venture investors who live in East Tennessee to share their thoughts on 2014 and their predictions for 2015. We were fortunate to have three individuals provide their insights. Today is the third article in the six-part series. There’s been a good deal of talk about two topics – valuations being too high and the lines between angel and venture monies getting more blurred. What are your thoughts on these topics and how they play out in 2015?

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