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January 15th, 2015

January 15th, 2015


Boosted by Recent $13.6 Million Investment, MyNexus Targets the Health Care World
Nashville Business Journal
McArthur VanOsdale, CEO of Brentwood-based startup MyNexus (stylize myNEXUS), says his company is positioned to capitalize on three vital aspects of health care today: the importance of managing care efficiently, the proliferation of technology and people’s desire to stay in their homes as late into life as possible.

Courtney Jones Kept Trying to Find “A Better Way”
The business that Knoxvillian Courtney Jones runs today originated as the result of a concern that literally kept her awake at night. “Is there not a better way,” the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The MomForce Network recalls asking herself in relation to helping relatively new mothers find the flexibility they need in their personal lives while also resuming their professional careers. Jones knows first-hand what it is like to have a successful career that is interrupted for motherhood.

Don’t Overlook the Process of Building Your Team- 4 Ways to Do it Right!
Startin’ a Biz (by TENN Team eDivv’s Co-Founder Jon Katz)
I’ve had multiple experiences with being a part of a founding team, some good, some not so good. At Ektio, I was the 3rd member of the team, joining my father and his business partner.  My dad met his business partner at Business School and while his partner seemed like a nice guy initially, things ended very poorly in an ugly break up (won’t get into details out of respect). If I were to attribute the deeper issue as to what led to the debacle, I’d say he wasn’t aligned with our goals (personally and professionally) and was someone we hadn’t known very long, which led to some trust issues. On the flip side, my experience with eDivv has been nothing but great when it comes to building our founding team.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Boost ‘Main Streets’ in Nashville
The Tennessean
When Nashville voters rejected a 2009 referendum that would have banned government officials from using non-English languages in their work, they sent a message that the city welcomed its immigrant community. Years later, their vote also would prove to support the city’s economic growth as immigrants’ businesses have proliferated Nashville, creating jobs and transforming neighborhoods.

Nashville Ranked 12th-Best City for STEM Workers
The Tennessean
In recent years, Nashville’s business and technology communities have sought to bring attention to the city’s tech sector and to the incredible demand for talent that exists in hopes of bringing more software and IT experts to the city. That ongoing focus on Nashville’s technology sector has made significant strides of late, with the city emerging amid a new crop of rankings that emphasize its growing presence among leading tech cities.

Obama Cites Gig City Success as Reason to Limit State Restrictions of Broadband
Chattanooga Times Free Press
The Obama White House said Tuesday it wants the Federal Communications Commission to limit state restrictions on municipal broadband and other programs that could bring more speed and competition to Internet service. Obama administration officials touted the advantages offered by the city-owned EPB in Chattanooga, which helped bring the first citywide gigabit-per-second Internet service to any city in the Western Hemisphere two years ago.

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