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February 23rd, 2015

February 23rd, 2015


Andrew Rogers from The Enterprise Center on Startups in Chattanooga
This week we’re talking with Andrew Rodgers who works at The Enterprise Center and helps small businesses leverage technology to grow jobs to Chattanooga. I’m Andrew Rodgers. I have a diverse background in technology. My experiences include manufacturing, automation, data acquisition, building systems, web development, embedded systems and business acceleration.

GPS Event Encourages Girls to Step Into Entrepreneurship, Technology
Dr. Autumn Graves takes the name of her school—Girls Preparatory School—very seriously. The key word is “preparatory.” Readying her students for life beyond high school is what Graves had in mind when she got the idea for an upcoming event called Mad, Bad and Dangerous. The event focuses on entrepreneurism and technology, and is designed to encourage girls to “ditch expectations” and establish a voice in those areas. The event will have educational workshops, keynote speakers—including a 17-year-old entrepreneur who has created a multimillion-dollar business—and more. 

Jumpstart Foundry Enters New Era
The Tennessean
In its early days, Jumpstart Foundry was a local version of the television hit “Shark Tank”: A few teams pitched their company idea and a group of 20 experienced Nashville entrepreneurs and investors, meeting over beer and pizza at Belmont University, would choose the best concept to invest in and help build. The next month, they did it all over again. Within months, the founders of the business accelerator decided more structure was needed, and they developed the program into a 14-week boot camp for startups.

Software Eats Sex Trafficking: YC’s Rescue Forensics Aids Law Enforcement in Finding Victims (on a Tennessee Startup)
About a decade ago, Ryan Dalton was an 18-year-old who was helping a friend build a halfway house for women working in the red-light district in Reynosa, Mexico. One day, he witnessed a man who was a member of violent cartel hit a woman and yell at her to get back. “I didn’t know to call that sex trafficking at that time, but I knew that it was wrong,” he said. It was the beginning of what has been an entire career thus far. During law school, Dalton started an anti-trafficking department of nonprofit Operation Broken Silence, and testified in hearings to change 29 laws and amendments in Tennessee on trafficking. Those years of on-the-ground work gave him a keen familiarity with how women can get pulled into sex work against their will.

Bob Bradley Committed to Keeping NewsBreak in Region
For those of us who always worry about start-ups leaving the region, Bob Bradley, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NewsBreak Media Networks, has a message that is music to our ears. “Our company is based here,” he says. “I’m not moving it.” The Louisiana native with a strong background in media, entertainment and technology was commuting from Knoxville to Qualcomm, Inc., in La Jolla, working on the development and launch of a new broadcast technology platform for mobile devices called FLO TV, when he decided in 2011 that enough was enough. It was time to return to his adopted hometown.

Why Your Next Home May Be Made from Industrial Waste
Chattanooga Times Free Press
RamRock Building Systems is all about waste: industrial solid waste, to be specific, and making it into something that serves a purpose. Using hydraulic compression, the Chattanooga company’s technology aims to take discarded demolition and construction material and turn it into interlocking building blocks.” They stack up like Legos,” said David White, RamRock’s co-founder and CEO. Those blocks can form walls for all kinds of building types. The company expects to start in the residential construction market. The blocks don’t demand experienced brick-layers. They can “be laid by unskilled day laborers, volunteers and do-it-yourselfers,” White said.

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