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February 22nd, 2016

February 22nd, 2016


@GaryVee: Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?
We have just lived through the greatest era of fake entrepreneurs. An era where people thought that raising several millions of dollars for a business meant that they were a successful entrepreneur. But the fact is, so many of these businesses won’t succeed, and so many of them were started by individuals who are not entrepreneurs. The current overestimation in the business ecosystem that raising capital means you’ve done something worth celebrating is ludicrous.

NFA Accelerator Pitch Night!
Nashville Fashion Alliance
Ten companies have spent the last 6 weeks working on their ideas in our pilot accelerator program. They believe, like you, that we’re the right place…and this is the right time…to be in the fashion industry in Nashville. Pitch Night marks the conclusion to our  program, providing each participant with the opportunity to present their idea for feedback. Our program aims to help new and existing businesses identify their unique revenue potential as well as the resources their businesses require to become a success. Each session has been an in-depth experience featuring a mix of classroom teaching, case studies, mentoring, and interactive exercises. RSVP here!

splitsecnd Launches Kickstarter Campaign
splitsecnd, an INCITE portfolio company, is a portable plug & play device that provides crash response, 24/7 emergency assistance and GPS tracking in any vehicle. Over the last 12 months, the splitsecnd team has been hard at work developing our 2nd Generation device that will help keep our roads safer and families more connected, and we’re excited to publicly introduce our new technology via the Kickstarter Community. Support us here!

Symmetry CEO: We’re Looking for Larger M&A Deals
Nashville Post
Shares of medical instruments manufacturer and distributor Symmetry Surgical rose nearly 12 percent Thursday after executives reported fourth-quarter results and said they’re still on the hunt for acquisitions, including larger deals than the ones they pulled off in 2015. Symmetry Surgical posted a Q4 net loss of $152,000, a big improvement from late 2014 when the company booked a big impairment charge.

This Googler Works More Than 100 Hours a Week at Her ‘Dream Job’
Yahoo Finance
Jewel Burks has the kind of schedule that will tire you out just thinking about it. For the last two years she’s held the title “entrepreneur in residence for diversity markets” at Google, which means that she technically holds two jobs. She educates business owners on how to use Google’s ads and enterprise products while doubling as a startup founder. “I work a lot,” Burks tells Business Insider. “Nights, weekends. It’s tough, but I’m really passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, so it doesn’t really feel like work. It’s something I love doing.” All told, she spends 40 hours per week on her Google responsibilities and 60 hours — or more — a week running her startup, Partpic, a visual-search app that lets users take pictures of screws, bolts, or any other parts they need to replace and then reorders those parts for them.

Veterans Gain Focus at Nashville Entrepreneur Center
The Tennessean
Marcus Carey, a U.S. Navy-trained hacker, had the expertise and the vision to start his own cybersecurity company. But he needed the business know-how. That’s when Carey turned to Bunker Labs in Austin, a nonprofit business accelerator for veteran entrepreneurs about to expand to the Nashville market. The coaching from Bunker Labs included business classes, free legal assistance, networking with leading company founders and pitching opportunities. Now in its second year, Carey’s vThreat company is generating revenue, employs four people and has raised $1.1 million in new capital.

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