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February 12th, 2015

February 12th, 2015


Alex Lavidge from Variable, Inc. on Chattanooga Start-ups
What does it take to turn around a struggling city? Can technology help, and if so, how? Those are the questions we’ve set out to answer in our new series called, “New Tech Cities”. We’re focusing on Chattanooga, a city in Tennessee whose citizens are rebuilding their tired, industrial city into a rejuvenated, tech hub. Our first Chattanooga interview talked about the energy in the city. In this second interview, we talk with Alex Lavidge, one of the most import linchpins in the new Chattanooga. Speaking personally, this is one of the most interesting interviews we’ve published on the blog in the last five years. With people like Alex around, you can see why Chattanooga is thriving.

Integrate the Latest Database Technology in Your App with Graph Story
When Facebook launched its Open Graph protocol back 2011, they called it “frictionless sharing”. Those who knew better said “secret surveillance” instead! Online privacy is a topic for another day but the way things stand currently, you need to have your social app leverage these graph technologies. A simple primer on development – an app is made up of code, code needs data to do its work and data resides on databases. The most common database, a relational database, cannot perform “Big Data” analysis in real-time or at a large scale. Graph databases are at the core of social networks and search engines as they are highly suited for such complex data crunching but most businesses are not staffed to handle graph integration with their existing data.

The New ConnectScale Will Change the Way you Fish
Wide Open Spaces
The ConnectScale will launch in June 2015, and along with the accompanying app, promises to help you change the way you fish and keep track of your catches. Are you tired of recording all your fishing trip data by hand? Do you often miss out on the chance to weigh your fish because of the time and hassle it requires? The ConnectScale can help solve those problems for you. The ConnectScale digital fishing scale automatically logs the weight of each fish you catch. It helps shorten the time a fish is out of the water and helps you remember each fish you bring in, enabling you to learn more about your fishing success.

Patrick Offers Insights on Funding Options for Entrepreneurs
Jonathan Patrick of the UT Federal Credit Union (UTFCU) offered some sage advice to a room full of entrepreneurs during last week’s “First Friday Fanfare” hosted by the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. “You are always pitching investors whether you need money at the time or not,” UTFCU’s Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer reminded the group. As such, entrepreneurs need to be mindful of the interests, investment history, and priorities of those with whom they are interacting.

Social Entrepreneur Urges Memphians to “Make Change. Eat More Cookies.”
High Ground News
A cookie baker since childhood, Lauren Young has partnered her love of creating sweet treats with a passion for helping the youth of Memphis thrive in her local startup business Sweet LaLa’s. For Lauren Young, baking has always been a form of therapy. Since 2001 she has been baking her own brand of cookies, Sweet LaLa’s, out of her Memphis home. And for the past six years she has served on the board of JIFF (Juvenile Intervention and Faith-Based Follow-up), a non-profit organization that provides intervention services for court referred youth through case mentoring and a “Learn to Earn” program. According to Young, the greatest need for kids who have participated in JIFF’s mentorship program is employment. This need, plus Lauren’s desire to open a bakery, led to a mutually beneficial partnership between Sweet LaLa’s and JIFF.

Made in Memphis
Start Co.
Beyond our obvious contribution to BBQ, Memphis has a history of innovation. That’s why, in honor of National Inventors’ Day (February 11), we’re highlighting 6 innovations that arose out of Memphis.

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