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December 3rd, 2015

December 3rd, 2015


Gamer Gel Finishes 4th in National Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Pitch Competition
As video gaming has emerged as a major industry, so has the concern over health repercussions associated with the sedentary lifestyle of many gamers. With that in mind Jonathan Eimer, a junior advertising major who is minoring in entrepreneurship, set out to create a solution, Gamer Gel. Gamer Gel is a product designed to replace unhealthy energy drinks and deliver key vitamins and nutrients to competitive gamers. Eimer recently pitched his idea at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) National Convention in Kansas City, Mo., taking fourth place out of a field of 60 contestants. “I used to play video games professionally, and I lived a lifestyle of consuming a lot of Monster drinks and playing video games 10-12 hours a day,” said Eimer.

icitizen Plans New Civic Engagement App for 2016
The Tennessean
Icitizen launched in Nashville in 2013 as a means to hold elected officials accountable and to better inform constituents on civic and political issues they care about. Those priorities still exist, but a new emphasis on local communities has emerged. When its new version comes out in early 2016, users will be able to promote and track issues and communicate their concerns to government officials — from their council representative to their U.S. senator. The new vision is led by CEO Russell Reeder, who joined the company in March, and he has 45 new employees to develop the enhanced product.

Indie Classical Music? It Exists, and One Nashville Tech Startup is Trying to Save It
Nashville Public Radio
A Nashville technology startup thinks it can help classical music flourish in the digital age. Right now, flourish is not the word most people would use to describe the genre. Classical music only makes up 2.1 percent of all album sales and less than half a percent of all streams online, according to Nielsen data. But the founders of Dart Music say there’s no lack of modern musicians and composers. The problem, they say, is that those artists have extra barriers to selling their music online, barriers that Dart is trying to break down.

Nashville Media Company Joins Forces with Sony
Nashville Business Journal
Nashville’s Made In Network already has a few relationships with leading technology players to its name, as the online video company works closely with YouTube and its parent, Google. But the young company has added another major name to its partner list: Sony Electronics. That group — notably not the Sony Music group that us Nashvillians automatically think of when we hear the the name Sony — will be sending representatives to Nashville next week to tout its work with Web content creators like Made In as well as to host an event specifically for women in that industry.

New Home Health Venture Lands $3.5M
Nashville Post
Startup home health venture Contessa Health has landed $3.5 million in series A financing, the company announced Wednesday. Investors included BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Sandbox Advantage Fund and Martin Ventures. The funding will be used to expand and grow Contessa’s home hospitalization programs, which are built around bundled payment programs. The company combines administrative services and analytics tools to optimize care delivery in a home setting. “Contessa Health’s clinical model truly places the patient at the center of the care delivery universe by enabling clinicians to deliver care in the most appropriate setting,” Travis Messina, Contessa Health co-founder and CEO, said.

Sam Weaver, President and Chief Executive Officer of Proton Power Inc. in Roane County, and his wife, Carol Jane, have created a new entity named Sizzle TechStart that will help launch new companies in the very same building where Proton Power was started. Sizzle TechStart is housed in an old farmhouse at 487 Sam Rayburn Parkway in Lenoir City. It was this building within the Roane Regional Business and Technology Park where Proton Power was started in 2007. “When you think about a steak, it’s the sizzle, not the meat, that creates the excitement,” Sam Weaver said in describing how he and his wife created the name and concept for the business incubator. “I think I know what entrepreneurs need. They need the space to set up and work.  Sizzle TechStart will make it easier for them to get started.”

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