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December 17th, 2014

December 17th, 2014


DataFlyte has Developed a Disruptive Technology
The President of the most recent Knoxville start-up to announce a round of angel funding traces the company’s current success to past connections that have been maintained over the years and the patient commitment of those individuals to build a unique product. The result is impressive.

PriceWaiter ahead of Amazon on “Make An Offer” Function
Amazon leaders recently announced that they would allow customers to make an offer on certain items; it’s an announcement that is validation for local startup PriceWaiter. “We’ve already seen an uptick in interest based on this Amazon announcement,” Bijan Dhanani, who handles special ops with PriceWaiter, said. “We feel like we are in the big leagues now. It was a huge validator and boost for morale and energy.”

Relode Offers Recruiting with Bigger Mission in Mind
The Tennessean
Like many in the business world, Matthew Tant chose not to talk about his religion at work and kept it separate from his professional duties. But as he began developing Relode — his startup aimed at streamlining the recruiting industry — Tant decided he could put his Christian faith at the core of it. As part of the growing “business as mission” movement, Tant designed the business to empower individuals around the world through recruiting — seeking to make a difference in global issues while addressing a business need.

Southwest Announces New Nonstop Flight to Bay Area
Nashville Business Journal
Nashville’s tech community has long said they’re at a disadvantage when it comes to funding, due to the absence of a direct flight between Nashville International Airport and the Silicon Valley area, home to the country’s biggest tech investors. Today, officials announced that disadvantage is coming to an end.

The TENN Participants Dig Into Learning Days
Launch Tennessee Blog
Although they were plenty busy before, the startups chosen for the TENN Master Accelerator last October have quickly learned just how much more they can pack into already-full schedules. These nine startups were chosen from successful graduates of accelerator cohorts between Sept. 1, 2013, and Aug. 31, 2014. With help from UBS, our 2014 Title Sponsor, LaunchTN is now working with these up and coming companies.

Will Nashville be Ground Zero for Music Tech Startups?
Upstart Business Journal
Nashville is home to a $9.7 billion music industry, but the nickname “Music City” wasn’t earned by following the status quo. Nor will it be kept. The new “Nashville sound” is evolving beyond country music, but industry leaders warn that the influx of creative talent alone won’t keep Nashville’s music industry thriving as the global music business shrinks. That’s why some of the biggest names in Nashville’s music community are doubling down on the industry’s next frontier: music tech.

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