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August 26th, 2015

August 26th, 2015

autoXLR8R Road Show Making Three Southern Stops with an International Cohort
Ten start-ups are participating in the third iteration of the autoXLR8R program run by Tech 2020. Ahead of the August 28 “Demo Day” in Oak Ridge, we are running brief profiles on the participants including, The varied locations of the autoXLR8R Road Show reflect the strength of partnerships among several organizations in three states. “Alabama is home to three OEMs, a Toyota engine plant and several thriving automotive and related companies,” stated Ron Davis, president of Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association. “We look forward to showcasing autoXLR8R’s technologies to potential business partners from companies in our region.”

autoXLR8R #4: The PT Solution
Ten start-ups are participating in the third iteration of the autoXLR8R program run by Tech 2020. Ahead of the August 28 “Demo Day” in Oak Ridge, we are running brief profiles on the participants, including The PT Solution. The PT Solution will be offering a mobility choice: either keep driving your own automobile or accomplish the same mobility functions without the costs of ownership, maintenance, parking and insurance – all at a significant cost per mile savings.

Axial Healthcare Sees Series B, Tech Buys, Deeper-Risk Role Within 24 Months
Venture Nashville Connections
Axial Healthcare, the analytics and pain-care startup based in Nashville, is likely to have ready access to capital to support tech buys, a sizable Series B capital raise and its planned evolution toward managing care episodes on a full-risk basis, said Chairman-CEO John Donahue. Axial’s Series A raise, which, combined with an earlier $1.8MM Seed raise, brought total outside capital to its current $9.8MM level. Axial has a complement of 30 FTE, including data scientists, physicians and others. The workforce is expected to double within 12 months, said Donahue.

Speakers Urge Women Entrepreneurs to Work Together as Their Numbers Grow
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Women entrepreneurs need to support one another — not tear each other down. That was the message author Tangela W. Johnson had Tuesday for several hundred women who attended the third annual Women Entrepreneurs symposium, or WE, in Chattanooga. Back-stabbing and gossip often hold women back, according to Johnson, who’s the executive director of the Kingsport, Tenn., Office of Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship. “We have to build each other up. The single biggest thing that we do is we gossip, we talk about other women behind their backs. We need to stop it, we need to change it,” said Johnson, who wrote profiles of 10 women and one man in her book, “Superwoman Smarts: Activating Leadership and Substance.”

Streptococcus Vaccine Clinical Trial to Begin
Business Wire
The Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise Inc. (PREVENT), a national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) located at the University of Saskatchewan, and Vaxent in Memphis, Tennessee, are pleased to announce the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical trial of StreptAnova®, a vaccine designed to prevent Group A streptococcal (GAS) infections. The trial will be conducted at the Canadian Center for Vaccinology in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Tech Pros Needed for Upcoming CodeTN Initiative
Here’s a call for technology pros in the Knoxville area that have an interest in volunteering some of their time. The Great Schools Partnership and the United Way of Greater Knoxville need your help with the second iteration of a program called CodeTN. It is a code-writing competition for Tennessee high school students that kick-offs this Saturday, August 29, in the Clayton Performing Arts Center at Pellissippi State Community College, 10915 Hardin Valley Road. It is not essential that tech pros attend the kick-off, although they are invited to do so. What is really important is to secure as many volunteers as possible, according to Caleb Fristoe of the United Way.

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