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April 30th, 2014

April 30th, 2014


Tennessee Innovation in the News

Nashville Business Journal: Technology enthusiasts, assemble! Event lineup, attendance surges
Nashville’s techies have their pick of conferences and events in the coming weeks, with HackNashville, WordCamp and PodCamp all on the horizon. HackNashville, which has sold out with more than 300 attendees expected, will run from Friday to Sunday at 429 EventSpace. Meanwhile, WordPress enthusiasts will gather at the third annual WordCamp from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Nashville School of Law. Tickets are still available. And in two weeks, Nashville’s seventh annual PodCamp— an “unconference” aimed at connecting digital content creators, marketers, educators and podcasters – will be held at Nossi College of Art.

Firmoloy: Who’s At EETN This Year?
Niblitz is producing their third Everywhere Else conference this week in Memphis, Tennessee from April 30th to May 2nd. Everywhere Else Tennessee is a conference for startups who exist everywhere else outside of the main-stage startup cities and helps foster more exposure, more networking, and more learning opportunities for entrepreneurs. EE Tennessee will be hosting a series of talks and panels from successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Featuring entrepreneurs such as Jim McKelvey of Square, Nicole Glaros of Techstars, and Ben Yoskovitz, co-author of Lean Analytics, the conference has a well-stocked schedule, complete with coffee breaks, for attendees. Here’s a quick look at who will be at EE Tennessee’s Startup Ave this week.

Teknovation.Biz: KEC “First Friday Fanfare” kicks-off at 3 p.m. Friday
“First Friday Fanfare” will continue a focus on digital media when it begins at 3 p.m. on May 2 at the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. The program – click here to read the May First Friday Fanfare flyer – includes a presentation by Kevin Grosch on “Tools & Tips with Decoding YouTube” and a “Founder Series” presentation by John Platillero of EventBooking.com. To register for this month’s Fanfare, click here

National Innovation in the News

Forbes: How Entrepreneurs Should Deal With Too Much ‘Great’ Advice
When you’re trying to build your business, everyone around you seems to have all the answers to your most perplexing challenges. You’ll meet with advisors, mentors, and potential investors who will push you to think about your business differently. How do you deal with the influx of “great” ideas? Will these people be annoyed if you don’t take their advice? What’s the best course of action to take when you’re on the receiving end of a deluge of advice?

Entrepreneur: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: 5 Ways to Deal With Hardship
Entrepreneurs face obstacles from the moment they wake up in the morning, whether they’re trying to satisfy investors, struggling to meet payroll, dealing with unexpected complications or delivering a new product to market. Of course, not everyone is cut out for these rough seas. But some individuals stand out as being particularly well-suited for dealing with what investor and advisor Ben Horowitz calls the “hard things.” It’s these entrepreneurs who turn what seems to be an unending stream of difficulty into advantage. They emerge from obstacles stronger and more successful. While others lose their heads (or their shirts), they not only remain calm but seize the offensive and the opportunities. Subjected to such obstacles, these entrepreneurs are transformed much in the way that Andy Grove, former Intel CEO, observed, “Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them.”

Wall Street Journal: Mark Lawrence: Tips for Founding a Sharing Startup
Want to build your own company in the peer-to-peer marketplace? First, identify a problem from personal experience. That’s how SpotHero got its start. Once you’ve identified a problem, ask other people if they have the same pain point. If the problem seems like it’s an issue that many people face, then start looking for collaborative ways to solve it. A peer-economy startup requires building critical mass, so you’re going to need to get both the supply and demand side for your marketplace to work…It’s also vital to listen to your customers. There are certain things you won’t learn about your product or service until people purchase and use it. Customers are at the core of your business and a top-notch product paired with a top-notch customer experience helps to increase sharing among networks.

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