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April 15th, 2014

April 15th, 2014

Tennessee Innovation in the News

AllVoices: Five cities outside of Silicon Valley that should create and bolster tech startup hubs
Paul Graham famously said, “I think you only need two kinds of people to create a technology hub: rich people and nerds.” This quote comes from an article in which Graham tried to reason whether or not a city could create its own Silicon Valley. He wrote that article in 2006 and like most of his writing it is pessimistically optimistic. It is possible to create another Silicon Valley, though it’s going to be difficult. Here are five cities that could make a run for it: Nashville, Tennessee – Nashville might just be the happiest city in the US. And what’s not to be happy about there? Music streams out of every door. Downtown has a fun, funky, walkable design. It’s beautiful and people are kind. The city just feels good. It has an inherently social vibe that makes interactions easy and sharing of all kinds probable. Sounds like a recipe that’s ripe for collaboration and is exactly what a tech hub needs.

Southern Alpha: An Update on Launch Tennessee’s Phase 0/00 Program
In October, Launch Tennessee re-launched the Phase 0/00 Program, a competitive process to help small businesses apply for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants or contract funding. The program is funded in part by a Federal and State Technology (FAST) grant from the Small Business Administration. Since we re-launched the program, Launch Tennessee Commercialization Director Jim Stefansic and Mark Henry, a nationally known SBIR/STTR expert and consultant, have screened numerous companies, helping them apply or prepare to apply for government grants. I spoke to Jim to get his take on some of the most common questions we get about the program.

Nashville Business Journal: Florida-based IngagePatient moving HQ to Franklin, plans local growth
Cloud-based patient engagement platform IngagePatient, founded in 2007 as RegisterPatient in Gainesville, Fla., is moving its corporate headquarters to Franklin and plans to double the size of its team with new hires. Justin Neece, COO of the company, said Nashville makes sense as a home base because of its broad health care community and the strong “entrepreneurial spirit” in the area’s health and technology sectors.

Nooga: Chattanooga entrepreneur launches locally sourced clothing line
Chattanooga resident and budding entrepreneur Ongeleigh Gipson has combined two passions—environmental science and sustainability and fashion—to create a business called Temperate, which offers women’s clothing made from local, organic products. “It’s taking [the locavore movement] and applying it to clothing,” Gipson said. “It wasn’t but 100 years ago when we knew exactly where everything came from. Now, it’s about getting your dress as cheaply as possible because we’ve extorted child labor in other countries.” On Thursday, Gipson is having a pop-up shop at Society of Work, a relatively new downtown collaborative workspace.

National Innovation in the News

Fast Company: How a Serial Entrepreneur is Challenging the Way Startups Launch
Alan Braverman is far enough into his career as a serial entrepreneur that he doesn’t want to start again from scratch. What he’s aiming to do is create a different kind of studio that brings talented teams together to work in tandem to test and build new startups. It’s called The Giant Pixel Corp. and it’s poised to challenge existing tech incubator and accelerator models.

Forbes: Digital Startup Founders Weigh In On Scale, Funding And Philanthropy
Are we on the verge of a new golden era for social entrepreneurship, friction-free funding for social causes, and transparency in both philanthropy and social ventures? A couple of young veterans on the New York startup think so, and they’re leveraging new technologies and demographic shifts to launch ventures they believe can change how people go about the business of doing good.

Entrepreneur: How to Spot Opportunities for Growth at Your Startup
One thing all entrepreneurs want to do is to grow their businesses. But some people get caught up in the small details and lose sight of the bigger picture. What’s the best way to rise above the daily grind and spot opportunities for growth at your own company? In this video, professional coach and Entrepreneur.com contributor Lindsay Broder offers some tips. “Always make sure that you’re very glued into what your purpose is … your clients,” Broder says. “Make sure you keep a very close eye on the big picture.”

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