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April 1st, 2014

April 1st, 2014

Tennessee Innovation in the News

Memphis Business Journal: NextFarm companies to present in North Carolina
Two companies that participated in the NextFarm Agricultural Innovation Accelerator have been selected to present at two venture forums to seek investment. Climate Adaptive Genetics and Stony Creek Colors will present at the AgBiotech Entrepreneurial Showcase in Research Triangle Park, N.C. May 20. NextFarm was a startup accelerator put together by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Northwest Tennessee Entrepreneur Center and the Ag Innovation Development Group in November 2013. It was created to grow the agricultural and forestry industries to make Tennessee more competitive in those areas.

Chattanoogan: Computer Programming Camp Set For Spring Break
Tennessee Code Academy and WTCI are hosting a computer programming camp in Chattanooga, April 14-18, at WTCI-TV studios. The weeklong day camp will teach young people the basics of computer programming, including gaming, design fundamentals and web application. Students will learn from mentors, programmers and various industry experts throughout the week. The camp is open to those ages 12-18 and 24 slots are available for each camp. “This is a unique opportunity for the youth in Tennessee to be exposed to the skill set to launch them into a modern-day economy,” said Sammy Lowdermilk, program director for TN Code Academy. “In the next 10 years there will be a million more computer science jobs than graduates, and we want to do our small part to lessen that gap.” Students may apply at www.tncodeacademy.com/code-camp/

Nashville Business Journal: Report: Nashville tech demand still exceeds worker supply
Nashville’s demand for technology talent continues to outpace the supply, according to the Nashville Technology Council’s latest Tech Employment Spotlight…”As evidenced by this data, the number of job openings requiring technology skills still exceeds the supply of related graduates in technology-related fields,” the report says. But the report also shows a 41 percent increase since 2008 in the number of students graduating with computer systems networking and telecommunications degrees and 27 percent growth in computer science.

National Innovation in the News

Forbes: Answers To Three Big Data Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know
Big Data! Everyone is talking about it these days. Knowledge is strength and data is knowledge. There is a good chance that in the near future, your boss is going to call on you during the next strategic planning meeting and inquire, “What are your plans for interpreting Big Data to provide a strong ROI for the company?” We want you to be prepared with something substantive and useful in your reply. Success is in the preparation.

Huffington Post: 7 Ways to Protect and Test Your New Business Idea
I invented something that I think has potential to become a business. What is one thing I should not forget to do? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

VentureBurn: Governance and startups: the unique skills required for directorship
Being a director of a small to medium enterprise (SME) is both a science and an art. While it requires the same fundamental skills as those required for corporate environments, the unique nature of the SME environment requires additional skills and abilities…Coupled with this is the need for a holistic perspective and broad-based business experience. In corporate environments, a larger board, board advisors, and specialist committees, create greater space for specialist skills as a director. SME directors need to have a practical understanding of all aspects of business as opposed to depth in just one area.

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