Leveraging $87.7M in private capital

Program Overview

The INCITE Co-Investment Fund is a component of the State of Tennessee’s INCITE initiative to drive growth and create knowledge-based jobs by encouraging investment in small businesses. Administered by Launch Tennessee, the Fund matches a portion of investments in Tennessee-based companies.

It was created in 2011, under the leadership of then Gov. Bill Haslam, using $28.8 million of federal funding awarded under the State Small Business Credit Initiative. To date all $28.8M has been invested, leveraging $87.8M in private capital. An additional $58M in follow-on capital has been invested, for a total of $175M to Tennessee

INCITE’s Goals

  • Create and retain high-quality jobs in Tennessee.
  • Provide Tennessee companies access to additional seed, early and expansion-stage venture capital, in part by attracting and leveraging significant private capital investment.
  • Accelerate technology commercialization from Tennessee research institutions to Tennessee companies.
  • Minimize administrative costs and maximize funding to Tennessee companies.

Please note, the INCITE Fund is no longer making new investments. The proceeds from INCITE Fund returns are being invested as the Impact Fund, also administered by LaunchTN.

Portfolio Companies

LaunchTN Investments

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