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Tennessee Innovation Crowdsource Platform

COVID-19 Response

LaunchTN is working in partnership with Tennessee’s COVID-19 Unified Command to engage companies, including entrepreneurs and startups, to rapidly connect solutions, resources, and capabilities to major issues facing our state.

The Tennessee Innovation Crowdsource Platform allows us to evaluate proposals, complete due diligence, and connect businesses with the necessary resources to bring a product to market. We will continue to work with the state to recommend promising strategies to state procurement specialists for expedited treatment. We invite all companies to participate, regardless of their ability to scale at the level needed right now. 

If you are an existing business with a market-ready product, please complete this form to connect directly with the state. 

Please note: TICP is currently transitioning from serving immediate COVID-19 related state needs. Please stay tuned in the coming days for updates on opportunities for companies to continue to address ongoing challenges.

To learn more about Gov. Lee’s COVID-19 Unified Command, click here.

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