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Women-owned company launches at-home skin assessment, Kickstarter campaign

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of posts about companies LaunchTN has supported through the SBIR/STTR Matching Fund. 

Finally Skincare is a women-owned and led company focused on transforming the skincare industry through robust science and data-driven insights. The company is beta-launching its at-home skin assessment test, which allows customers to analyze their facial skin in the comfort of their own homes. 

The product, SkinTrue, leverages AI and robust skin science to provide personalized skincare recommendations based on the unique skin needs of each individual, allowing them to find ideal products to help them get healthy skin. 

Launch Tennessee supported Finally Skincare helping them apply for the Small Business Technology Transfer program. 

The SBIR/STTR programs, colloquially known as America’s Seed Fund, are the country’s biggest source of early-stage funding for research and development. 

Through its Microgrant Program, LaunchTN provides technical support to founders applying for federal SBIR/ STTR funds.

LaunchTN supports founders’ applications to the federal programs, and if the founders land that funding, then LaunchTN invites the company to apply for matching funds to further accelerate their business development.

With LaunchTN’s help, received STTR funds. LaunchTN provided a $100,000 match to support the business. 

Check out what co-founder Christina Marasco shared about the company’s beta launch. 

Q: Tell us about your skincare assessment.
A: Assessing the skin on the molecular level is very much a core part of what we are doing. Our mission is to make skincare easy and effective for everyone. This starts by pushing past skin types and marketing to what’s going on beneath the surface, and on the surface, of the skin. Skin is a complex tissue, and we pair a complex skin assessment technology with it to be able to reveal the needs of the skin and make skincare simpler. 

Q: What do you want people to know about your new product?
A: We want people to know that our new product — Finally SkinTrue — is designed to simplify the way they approach skincare, making it easy and effective for everyone. Whether an individual struggling with their skin or a skincare professional looking for tools to help their patients or clients, we use a personalized, robust and scientific approach that digs deep into the skin needs of an individual, taking the guesswork out of selecting the right ingredients and products.

Q: Who can use the new product?
A: Our product is designed for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or skin type. Whether someone has specific skin concerns or wants to maintain healthy skin, SkinTrue can provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to an individual’s needs. 

We’ve talked to people who are frustrated with their skin on a daily basis, people whose skin has changed and they don’t understand why, people who are overwhelmed by the avalanche of skincare product options, and people who have had undesirable results from a skincare product. We hope to be able to help them all.

Q: When will you launch?
A: We are excited to announce that our Kickstarter campaign will launch on July 16. This will mark the beginning of our beta testing phase, where early supporters will have the opportunity to try out our product and provide feedback.

Q:  How long have you been working to launch this product?
A: We began working on the concept for Finally Skincare in June 2020 and started spinning the technology out of Vanderbilt in mid-2022. We’ve been exploring the use of our general skin assessment platform technology for both clinical and consumer skincare over this time, but have ramped up the focus on our consumer-aimed product over the past year. We’ve expanded our team and dedicated significant time and effort to research, development, and testing to ensure that we deliver a high-quality and effective solution.

Q:  Where can people get the product?
A: Initially, our product will be available through our Kickstarter campaign, launching on July 16. This will be an exclusive opportunity for early adopters to support us and be among the first to experience our product. It’s a limited release that will help us continue to work out our process and deliver the best, actionable results to people.We have a newsletter that interested people can sign up for through our website and are trying to be more active on socials (@finallyskincare) to keep everyone updated when we have opportunities to test out our product. 

Q: How did LaunchTN’s support with SBIR/STTR matching funding help your company?
A: LaunchTN’s support with SBIR/STTR matching funding has been instrumental in our development process, which I think is a nice way to say we truly wouldn’t be where we are in the development of this technology without the matching funds. It’s an incredible program. The additional funds have allowed us to accelerate our research and development efforts, refine our technology, and execute on this beta release of the consumer version of the product. This support has also enabled us to expand our team and bring in the expertise needed to ensure our product meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. 

Q: What else do you want to share that I didn’t ask?
A: We want to emphasize our commitment to empowering individuals and skincare professionals with the knowledge and tools based on robust science and data-driven insights to improve skincare for everyone. Our goal is not just to provide a product, but to foster a community of informed users who can confidently navigate the skincare landscape. We are excited about the potential of our SkinTrue technology to make a positive impact on people’s lives and are grateful for the encouragement of our early supporters and community as we embark on this journey.

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