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Entrepreneur Center Calls for Funding, FY17

Below is an overview of the FY17 Calls for Funding. It applies to Entrepreneur Centers’ cohort program, menu item and special project funding.

Process + Timeline
Two Application Forms
• Cohort Funding
• Menu Item + Special Project Funding

Call I
Applications Due by October 10, 2016
• Covers programs that start between November 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017
• Notices of award sent by October 24, 2016

Call II
Applications Due by January 9, 2017
• Covers programs that start between March 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017
• Notices of award sent by January 23, 2017

Call III
Applications Due by May 8, 2017
• Covers programs that start between July 1, 2017 to October 30, 2017
• Notices of award sent by May 22, 2017

Programs cannot be applied for outside the covered period (either looking forward or in arrears).

Notices of Award

• LaunchTN Notices of Award will be accompanied by an Award Expectations form that will include both LaunchTN
and EC responsibilities.
• Once a Notice of Award is received, EC will invoice LaunchTN for the approved amount and return the signed Award
Expectation form.
• From the date the invoice is received, LaunchTN has 30 days to pay out the approved amount.
• Monthly Program Reports include space for program updates re: cohorts, menu items, special funding.   

Primary LaunchTN Contact: Jill Van Beke, jill@launchtn.org.

Sample Notice of Award


LaunchTN has approved funding for the [Name of Program] in the amount of [$$$].  This letter serves as the Notice of Award. Our sending this letter and your execution of it indicates our mutual agreement to the expectations listed here:

  1. LaunchTN will promote the program and assist with participant, mentor and Demo Day recruitment efforts
  2. LaunchTN will maintain a toolkit of resources that add value to your program and entrepreneurs
  3. LaunchTN will process invoices as expeditiously as possible
  4. LaunchTN will be transparent with our concerns and communicate them in a timely manner
  5. [EC Name] will provide recognition of LaunchTN support at the appropriate level, based on sponsorship packages available to other program funders  
  6. [EC Name] will provide program information and updates in their EC Monthly Program Report
  7. [EC Name] will provide access to survey results and other metric tracking results for program alumni companies
  8. [EC Name] will be transparent with their concerns and communicate them in a timely manner

Please submit an invoice to LaunchTN for [$$$] and be sure to include a copy of this letter, fully executed.
Please let the LaunchTN team know if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing great things out of your program.

Jill Van Beke
Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Launch Tennessee

[EC Director Name] [EC Director Title] [EC Name]

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