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Adult Programming

Applications are closed. Stay tuned for awardee announcements.

Options for adult programming include, but are not limited to, the below curricula. Applicants can also propose their own curriculum or structure, so long as all proposed programs provide supporting to high-growth entrepreneurs/companies (definition below) and align with one or more of LaunchTN’s strategic focus areas. Organizations can apply for up to $25,000 to implement projects. Organizations would work directly with the curriculum providers listed below and should connect with them prior to including them in a proposal.

Suggested Curriculum/Programming


Women’s Advantage Program (WBC)

The Pathway Women’s Business Center (PWBC) delivers programming and education that accelerates the growth of women owned business.  One of its most effective tools is The Woman’s Advantage® Forum – a proven program for women who own small businesses to receive the structured training and support they need to grow their businesses dramatically.  Numerous participants have increased their revenue by 100% – 400% and far exceeded their target of $1 million in revenue.  If companies are serious about moving their businesses to the next level, The Woman’s Advantage® Forum is the vehicle to get them there. Contact Leslie Hayes at Leslie@pathwaywbc.org for more information.

Organizations can apply for up to 25 seats for a one-year license. The content is tailored for the high potential ventures and includes more than 12 hours of video content broken into 8 units, each consisting of 11 to 22 lessons. The lessons can include pre and/or post lesson experiential learning activities, suggestions for related readings, assessments, and an asynchronous online forum where learners can post specific questions.  The forum will be monitored by the Entrepreneurial Mind team, led by Dr. Jeff Cornwall.


In addition to the curriculum options provided, LaunchTN will set aside funds for special events which can be added to curriculums or run independently, such as:

  • Pitch Competitions
  • Startup Weekends
  • Meetup groups
  • Entrepreneur Workshops
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