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Commercialization Consulting Hours

Commercialization Consulting Hours (CCH) is available to certain Tennessee-based early-stage companies that are pursuing commercialization of technology into the marketplace. Additional qualifying conditions are below.

The intent of the CCH program is to engage technical expertise to benefit Tennessee’s innovation economy, specifically in the commercialization space.

Entrepreneur Eligibility

  • Company is Tennessee-based at the time of application, with agreement in good faith to remain in Tennessee for the 12 months following the CCH support. For this purpose, Tennessee-based means the company is headquartered in Tennessee and its principal business operations are in Tennessee.
  • Company’s formation date is no more than five years prior to the time of the CCH request.

Company Application Process

The company must complete the CCH Application via the submit button below. Submission of that form will also indicate the company’s intention to remain based in Tennessee as well as the ongoing processes outlined below.  Please review this entire page before submitting a CCH Application.

Company Referral Process

Companies must be referred by one of the following members of the LaunchTN network:

  • A LaunchTN statewide mentor network EIR or lead mentor
  • An Entrepreneur Center or Accelerator Cohort executive director (in TN or out-of-state)
  • A Tech Transfer Office director from an academic or federal research institution (in TN or out-of-state) or the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services
  • An accredited angel investor or venture fund manager (in TN or out-of-state)

The company must submit, or have the referrer submit, a CCH Referral Letter on the referrer’s letterhead to Allie Mikels,

The purpose of the referral is to help certify that the company is at a point where the expertise provided via CCH has a high probability of producing a near-term return with respect to new grant funding, job creation, capital raised, and/or other similar metrics.

No self-referrals will be accepted.

CCH Process and Recipient Requirements

  • A LaunchTN-designated team will review applications, referral letters and other submitted materials.  The review process may also include a phone or in-person interview.
  • LaunchTN will respond to the company either approving or rejecting the application within 10 business days of all the requested materials being submitted.
  • The maximum available per company per 12 month period via the CCH program is $6,000.  All CCH approvals are pending availability of LaunchTN funding.
  • Approved CCH funds must be collected within 90 days of LaunchTN notifying the company of their availability.
  • Unless mutually agreed to in advance, the company will contract independently with the CCH consultant. LaunchTN will not be a party to agreements between companies and consultants.
  • CCH funds will be paid to the company upon receiving:
    • an invoice from the company
    • a copy of the invoice from the consultant, including scope of work
    • the company’s W-9
  • The CCH funds are specific to the request made in the approved application and will not automatically be made available for other projects.
  • Companies receiving CCH funds agree to respond to annual surveys re: job creation, capital raised & other metrics for a period of five years post-award.  [Metrics information will be used in aggregate and never attributed to specific companies.]

Summary of Necessary Documents for CCH Application

1. CCH Application, including:

  • Company’s executive summary
  • CCH project description
  • CCH funding request + use of funds

2. CCH Referral Letter

3. CV for preferred consultant(s), if requesting specific people/firms

Summary of Necessary Documents for CCH Payment

1. An invoice from the company to LaunchTN

2. A copy of the invoice from the consultant to the company, including scope of work provided

3. The company’s W-9

Ready to Apply?



LaunchTN reserves the right to adjust eligibility criteria and program requirements.

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