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Creative Communities FAQ’s

  • Can I include multiple programs in my applications for funding?
    • Absolutely! The application does not need to be just for one program but can be for a variety of activities planned for the year. For example, a community could apply for funding to run two Co.Starters Cohorts with a pitch competition at the completion of each program and four 100 GOC camps. However, the maximum amount of funding an organization can receive from LaunchTN in a funding cycle is $25,000.
  • Do the programs have to use one of the curricula listed in the Creative Communities Toolkit?
    • No. We are interested in funding programs that provide education and resources to entrepreneurs in your community. If you have other programs that fall into one of the listed categories, you can apply and include that curriculum or program structure as an attachment to your proposal.
  • How will applications be evaluated?
    • Applications will be evaluated and scored based on the above categories. LaunchTN will do the first round of scoring and pass the applications with the top scores to an outside committee for further review. All reviewers will use the same scoring template.
  • What are examples of demonstrating demand?
    • Examples of demonstrating demand include letters of interest from potential participants, a signup sheet from potential participants or examples of similar programs that were run successfully in the past. If you do not have examples of demand, and are using this as a test case for demand, please describe in detail both your outreach plan and how you will measure success.
  • What is my match requirement?
    • LaunchTN funds must not exceed 70% of the total budget. Please show in your proposal the source of other required funds/resources. ┬áThe 30% share can be in cash, in-kind or a combination of the two.
  • What if I have more questions?
    • LaunchTN will hold conference calls to answer questions, and will be traveling in person to some events to discuss the opportunity face to face. If you would like to be informed of hose opportunities, please contact brittany@launchtn.org.
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