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Cleerkut Royalty is revolutionizing rights management tools for the global entertainment industry

A LaunchTN Portfolio Company: Cleerkut Royalty, a software development company that provides innovative technology solutions to the global entertainment industry. Cleerkut’s cloud platform automates many music business tasks for indie music creators, music managers, record labels & music publishers.

Based out of Nashville, Cleerkut believes that, in today’s music industry, it is imperative that music business professionals are ready to respond when the opportunity comes, and the company’s innovative tools help ensure music administration is in order when that time arrives for its users.

We caught up with the Founder and CEO of Cleerkut, Cheryl Potts, to hear about her goals for recent funding, inspiration for starting the business, and favorite local businesses in Music City.



How did you hear about the LaunchTN funding program/grant?

I was referred and introduced by Monique Villa, a local investor at Mucker Capital, and a member of Launch Tennessee’s investment committee.

Key people who helped make the opportunity happen?

Khrys Hatch, Capital Formation Manager with Launch Tennessee.

What do you plan to achieve with your LaunchTN funding?

Marketing & Promotion.

Could you describe Cleerkut’s mission?

To create rights management tools for the global music recording and publishing markets.

What inspired you to start your business?

I personally had a need to automate my publishing and record label administration tasks for the clients I administered. Also an independent self-released artist ask to think of her too when developing a solution because she too had a need to manage her own publishing and releases for the songs and tracks she creates.

What need is your business currently solving or seeking to address?

Our platform assists independent music creators in administering their own publishing and recording administration tasks for the music they create in a simple and easy way. For music professionals we provide a solution that reduces the amount of time administering recording label & music publishing tasks so they can spend more time promoting their artists and songwriters songs.

Describe your company in 3 words?

Automated Rights Management.

Your favorite local business or restaurant in Nashville?

I love Redlands Grill!

Anything else you think we should know?

I have over 18 years as a copyright & royalty administrator for record labels and publishers and over 20 years as a software engineer. Both of these experiences combined assist in building the foundation of our rights management platforms.


Startup Snapshot

Date founded: 2016
Company based in: Nashville, TN

Learn more about the innovative offerings of Cleerkut Royalty:

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