• Stimulating entrepreneurship in rural Tennessee

    Jeff Brown and Tiffany Anton of The Biz Foundry unpack the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the entrepreneurs they work within the mostly rural Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. When Jeff Brown set out to create The Biz Foundry — an entrepreneur center in Cookeville, Tennessee — he discovered that most people in the area didn’t…

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  • How Nashville became a city built on entrepreneurship

    Jane Allen and Brynn Plummer of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center share how they’re helping entrepreneurs find the resources they need. Brynn Plummer and Jane Allen believe the city of Nashville was built on a foundation of entrepreneurship, and through their work at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, they hope to make it even easier for people…

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  • Disrupt the Continuum returns for Season 3

    This season, we’re taking a deep dive into Tennessee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. With Disrupt the Continuum, we bring you conversations about how, as a statewide community, we collaborate and provide the resources founders need to build, scale, and execute their businesses. This season, you’ll hear from leaders at each of the entrepreneur centers across the state,…

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  • Bonus: Connecting entrepreneurs and policymakers

    Sharing the Tennessee entrepreneurial story with policymakers statewide LaunchTN’s annual Week on the Hill, co-hosted by our network partners from across Tennessee, provided entrepreneurs and innovators face-to-face time with legislators. The 2020 Legislative Reception took place during the last week of February, at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in downtown Nashville. It marked the beginning…

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  • Alex West Steinman: Building inclusive workplaces

    The ‘magic and energy’ of inclusive workplaces On the latest episode of Disrupt the Continuum, The Coven cofounder and CEO Alex West Steinman explores why inclusive workplaces are essential — and urges her fellow entrepreneurs to build them. When Alex West Steinman, Bethany Iverson, Liz Giel, and Erinn Farrell founded The Coven, they shared a vision…

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  • Angela Proffitt: How to work smarter as an entrepreneur

    How to work smarter as an entrepreneur Productivity and event consultant Angela Proffitt maps out tactics entrepreneurs can use to maximize time and energy. From blocking a weekly hour for biz-dev to tapping into ecosystem resources for education and support, her strategy helps her “sell perfection.” Nashville-based productivity and event consultant Angela Proffitt has built her business…

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  • Cam Doody: How to overhaul an outdated industry

    This Chattanooga startup is overhauling an outdated industry Bellhops founder Cam Doody says Tennessee was the perfect launchpad for his disruptive startup to become the fastest-growing in the moving industry. Hear more in our latest episode of Disrupt the Continuum. Since its humble beginning on Auburn University’s campus in 2011, the Chattanooga-based startup Bellhops has moved nearly…

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  • Doug Speight: Why Southeastern startups are thriving

    Why Southeastern startups are thriving In our latest episode of Disrupt the Continuum, AnnexTech Partners founder Doug Speight says diverse talent, a creative culture, and a supportive community differentiate the Southeast’s startup ecosystem. AnnexTech Partners founder and Chief Innovation Officer Doug Speight has built his business on making connections: uniting the Southeast’s underrepresented talent with global tech companies…

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  • Marcus Cobb: How to build a chart-topping business

    How to build a business that tops the charts Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb credits a vibrant ecosystem, an awesome team, and hard lessons learned for his music-tech startup’s success. As cofounder and CEO of Jammber, a tech company that helps musicians get paid quickly and fairly, Marcus Cobb is a man with big ideas and the business know-how…

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