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Bundled Initiative


Ready to tackle your next milestone or clear a tough roadblock?

The Bundled Initiative has been expanded in partnership with ItsBundled to connect 5 additional East Tennessee startups with the expertise to conquer the task at hand.

Selected startups will gain access to vetted professional services resources beyond just office hours, along with expert guidance and mentorship from Bundled throughout the process. Startups will be awarded units to work with providers to execute on their expertise.

Startups who are awarded Bundled units may apply them with selected vendors for the services they need to achieve the next milestone.

Bundled units can be redeemed for services including: 

  • Legal
  • Finance/accounting
  • Technology development
  • Marketing/design
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Leadership development/coaching
  • and more!

Two Tennessee founders shared their Bundled experiences:

Founder Brandon McKinney of Vayska worked with ARO Creative to curate stunning digital marketing rebrand to showcase their hydration packs, meant for wearer’s to “#PaintYourAdventure.”

“My natural tendency is to think things will never turn out as good as everyone makes them sound or as good as they ought to be. In this case, Bundled and ARO exceeded expectations.”

Dan Collins, founder of Whiskey Soldier, said Bundled was a strategic advantage as he navigated a thorny legal situation. “Ultimately, Bundled made my life easier and elevated my business.” 


  • Applications open: Aug.11
  • Applications close: Aug. 31
  • Selected startups notified: Sept. 2020
Apply Now

Questions? Email ashlin@launchtn.org.


Bundled negotiated preferred rates with vendors across the Southeast in a number of specialties. Bundled units can be redeemed for legal, finance/accounting, technology development, marketing/design, public relations, human resources, leadership development/coaching, and more.

Bundled is always adding new vendors and would be happy to discuss adding your preferred vendor to the approved list. Bundled can help!

At your discretion, you can approve services that exceed your allocation of Bundled units. You’ll be invoiced by the vendor to pay the difference.

Bundled negotiated preferred rates with each vendor; the value of a unit ranges from $100-$200 per unit. Bundled is always working to secure startups the best rates possible.

ANY service that your growing startup needs to get to the next level. All services Bundled vendors provide are approved. You know what your business needs, Bundled connects you to the expertise to execute it.

Legal Services Including: Contract, Intellectual Property, Licensing, Raising Capital, Employee Equity, Corporation/LLC Formation, Vendor/Employee Agreements, Research

Accounting Services Including: Tax Compliance, Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning, Financial Solvency, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Employee Benefits

Technology Development Services Including: Technology or Security Review, MVP analysis, Prototype Development, Software Development, Technical Staffing/Interviewing help, Bridging of business and technical

Marketing/Design Services Including: Email Marketing, Graphic Design (logo, business card, etc), Press Kit, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Website, SEO

Human Resources Services Including: Recruiting, Job Descriptions, Salary Survey, Employee Handbook, Employment Contracts 

Business Development Services Including: Growth Leadership, Automation, Lead Generation 

Assessment and Coaching Services Including: Focus Group, Management Consulting, Sales Assessment, Executive Coaching

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