#BuildTN shares Tennessee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem story. It’s about how, as a statewide community, we collaborate and provide the resources founders need to build, scale, and execute their businesses. It’s the power of LaunchTN’s statewide network and boots-on-the-ground startups that Build Tennessee.

A Statewide Collaborative Network

Start and grow your business in Tennessee

Nashville Entrepreneur Center

The Biz Foundry


Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council


Sync Space


Knoxville Entrepreneur Center


Bunker Labs

Building on Foundations of Entrepreneurship in Nashville

Situated as a front door for entrepreneurs, Nashville Entrepreneur Center has created a physical hub for energy and activity for anyone looking to start their business and add to the legacy of business and community builders in Music City.

The Biz Foundry on Fostering Rural Entrepreneurship

The Biz Foundry in Cookeville provides a space for idea generation, entrepreneur services, and coworking for both local employees or telecommuters taking advantage of the city’s lifestyle and amenities while keeping jobs elsewhere.

CO.LAB on Creating Community-Supported Entrepreneurship in Chattanooga

CO.LAB helps to take entrepreneurs from idea to business, and connect investors, community partners, and universities together to forge a city-wide pulse that encourages entrepreneurship.

TAEBC on Creating High-Quality Jobs and High-Quality Life in Tennessee

Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council, based in Knoxville, wants to deliver on its mission of increasing the innovation, growth, and quality of advanced energy companies and programs.

Community + Connection in Memphis

Whether it’s in the collaboration and support for local entrepreneurs at Epicenter or reclaiming public spaces to create welcoming gathering grounds, the city of Memphis is a prime example of how working together helps spark innovation and solve challenges.

How Sync Space is Sparking Entrepreneurship in Northeast Tennessee

In the Northeast corner of Tennessee, Sync Space not only helps entrepreneurs get started but connects them with each other to grow together — with lower costs, too.

How theCO Scales Community Impact with Mobile Innovation Buses

theCO in Jackson puts entrepreneurs, designers, and creatives all under one roof. Whether it’s maker spaces, mobile learning buses to serve rural entrepreneurs and students, or running an in-house coding program, here’s how they’re making tech and innovation more accessible.

A Spirit of Starting Things with the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center

Amidst major research institutions, employers, and new businesses, the KEC bridges resources across entrepreneurship in East Tennessee. Whether you’re an impact organization or a venture-backed startup, the community in Knoxville wants to help you succeed and transform ideas into companies.

Supporting an Industry Statewide with Life Science Tennessee

Innovation ecosystems result from intentional collaboration between established companies, industry disruptors, and expert mentors. Life Science Tennessee, through BioTN, serves as the link between these important groups and illustrates just how important a network of mentorship can be to enhance an industry.

Bunker Labs on the Volunteerism Behind Supporting Veteran Entrepreneurship

Bunker Labs connects and launches veteran entrepreneurs across the country, including right here in Tennessee. Executive Director Sumeet Chahal shares how the network and mindset of service help to create supportive infrastructure for veteran-founded companies like Creativets.


Season 3 of Disrupt the Continuum is here!

Disrupt the Continuum returns for Season 3

This season, we’re taking a deep dive into Tennessee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With Disrupt the Continuum, we bring you conversations about how, as a statewide community, we collaborate and provide the resources founders need to build, scale, and execute their businesses.

How Nashville became a city built on entrepreneurship

Jane Allen and Brynn Plummer of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center share how they’re helping entrepreneurs find the resources they need.

Brynn Plummer and Jane Allen believe the city of Nashville was built on a foundation of entrepreneurship, and through their work at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, they hope to make it even easier for people to create, launch, and grow a business.

Stimulating entrepreneurship in rural Tennessee

Jeff Brown and Tiffany Anton of The Biz Foundry unpack the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the entrepreneurs they work within the mostly rural Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

When Jeff Brown set out to create The Biz Foundry — an entrepreneur center in Cookeville, Tennessee — he discovered that most people in the area didn’t view entrepreneurship as an accessible career option, even though the area is ideally situated for startup growth.

Supporting startups of all sizes

Marcus Shaw, CEO of CO.LAB, explains why Chattanooga is known as a great place to grow a business.

In this episode of Disrupt the Continuum, Shaw offers insight into Chattanooga’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, where startups of all sizes can collaborate and grow together. He also shares about Chattanooga’s rise to become a nationally recognized city for entrepreneurship.

Turning energy innovation into economic growth

Cortney Piper, Executive Director of Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council, shares her vision for making Tennessee a global leader in advanced energy innovation and job creation.

When Piper first recognized the enormous potential of Tennessee’s advanced energy sector, she decided to create an organization that could help make her state an industry leader. The result was the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council.

Fostering innovation in times of crisis

Leslie Smith, Founding CEO of Epicenter Memphis and current national director for Gender Equality in Tech Cities, explains why entrepreneurial communities are uniquely suited to rise to the occasion in the midst of setbacks.

Even as COVID-19 has had devastating economic impact, Leslie Smith recognizes that sometimes a crisis is exactly what entrepreneurs need to find new motivation and purpose. She’s spent the last five years building an entrepreneurial community in Memphis, and throughout 2020 she’s seen those efforts pay off in a new way.

Changing the narrative around rural entrepreneurship

Heath Guinn, President and Executive Director of Sync Space, describes the mutually beneficial relationship that he sees between rural communities and entrepreneurs.

Heath Guinn believes his community in the Tri-Cities has something special to offer, an ideal environment for entrepreneurship.

Celebrating stories of entrepreneurship

Ben Ferguson and Lisa Garner, cofounder and executive director of theCO, share some exciting updates on the work they’re doing to foster entrepreneurship and economic development in West Tennessee.

With theCO, what started as a Taco Thursday gathering for Ben Ferguson and his friends turned into a crucial resource for entrepreneurs and business owners in Jackson and the surrounding communities.

Connecting entrepreneurs to an ecosystem of support

Jim Biggs and Brandon Bruce, executive director and board chair of the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, respectively, share some insight into the factors that set Knoxville apart as a hub of entrepreneurship.

For Jim Biggs, one of the best parts of working with Knoxville’s entrepreneurs is getting to see companies succeed across an incredibly diverse range of industries.

Elevating the life sciences in Tennessee

Abby Trotter and Ted Townsend, executive director and chairman of the board of Life Science Tennessee, respectively, explain how Tennessee’s life science sector is aiding in economic development.

Abby Trotter and Ted Townsend believe life science is one of the most important industries for improving people’s lives, and that work is more critical than ever in the midst of COVID-19.

Connecting veterans to the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Sumeet Chahal, Regional Executive Director for the Central Region at Bunker Labs, shares the exciting work his team is doing to help veterans create and scale their businesses

Sumeet Chahal wanted to start a business after serving in the Marines, but he struggled to find the network to make it happen. And Sumeet is not alone in this. After World War II, 45% of veterans came home and started their own businesses, but today, that number has fallen to only 4.5%.

Establishing Tennessee as a hub of entrepreneurship

In the season 3 finale of Disrupt the Continuum, host Clark Buckner and Launch Tennessee interim CEO Van Tucker provide an overview of the extensive resources available to entrepreneurs all across the state.

Van Tucker believes Tennessee is an ideal place to start and grow a business, and it all comes back to community, connection and culture.

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