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AgriCapture creates win-win for farmers, environment

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of posts about companies LaunchTN has supported through the SBIR/STTR Matching Fund. 

Tennessee-based company AgriCapture is helping farmers save and make money while also assisting them with adopting more environmentally friendly practices, creating a win-win situation.

The company’s mission is to maximize profitability of conserving and protecting natural resources. 

“We help farmers implement and adopt more sustainable practices on their lands and then provide the assurance that those practice changes are occurring,” VP of Operations Clara Purk said.

Carbon credits
Every year, the world’s economic activity creates 50 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture, forestry and land use accounts for 24 percent of that, but only 3 percent of US farms are enrolled in carbon offsetting programs, according to the company. 

AgriCapture helps farmers determine ways to reduce their carbon emissions and suggests practices for the farm to implement.

Then the company measures the result of the new practices, quantifies the associated greenhouse gas emissions and then sells the carbon credits to companies that need to lower their emissions.

Climate-friendly rice
AgriCapture also helps farmers monetize environmentally friendly practices by connecting climate-friendly rice farmers with premium buyers.

“Of all the row crops, rice is the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses,” Purk said. “Because of the way it’s grown, it’s a high-impact opportunity to reduce emissions.”

The company helps farmers implement more environmentally friendly methods of growing their rice and then the product is sold with a certified seal on the package that shows that those steps have been taken.

“We provide that stamp of approval” she said.

Grasslands conservation in Texas
AgriCapture is the only company to be issued avoided grassland conversion carbon credits in the state of Texas by the Climate Action Reserve.

By working with landowners to protect their land from threats of conversion to cropland, AgriCapture ensures carbon stays stored in the ground, reducing the potential impacts of climate change.

Located in Nashville
Nashville-based Launch Tennessee recently provided matching funds after AgriCapture received a USDA grant.

Resources available in the area, along with the proximity to farmland, make the Nashville location another win-win for the company. 

“We’re in Tennessee because Nashville is a budding city with opportunities to get good talent, but it’s also a really good central hub to be able to get to the Mississippi River Delta, which is where many of the farmers we work with farm,” Purk said.


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