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Launch Tennessee is a public-private partnership that supports entrepreneurs from ideation to exit. We’re guided by a vision of making Tennessee the most startup-friendly state in the country, so that entrepreneurs stay here to build companies and create jobs.  


Launch Tennessee is another piece in our plan to make Tennessee the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high-quality jobs. This initiative will help set Tennessee apart as a state where entrepreneurship and innovation are valued as key economic development tools. – Governor Bill Haslam


Statewide Resource Network

Tennessee is one of the only states with an entrepreneur-resource infrastructure  operating at the state level. Through this network of Entrepreneur Centers, in six regions around the state, we deliver curriculum, mentors and more to entrepreneurs building high-growth-potential businesses.


Five-Year Vision

We foster collaboration among entrepreneurs, the private sector, capital sources, institutions and government. We aim to achieve our vision of making Tennessee the most startup-friendly state in the country by improving five elements of entrepreneurship:

  • Capital—Engage angel, venture and corporate venture money from across the state, region and country; and provide access to alternative funding sources to serve entrepreneurs who don’t follow the traditional venture model
  • Market Access—Establish commercial programs that match startups with private-sector businesses willing to be early adopters and first customers
  • Commercialization—Offer resources to facilitate the commercialization of life-changing and life-saving institutional research into startups
  • Talent—Create a pipeline to develop, recruit and retain best-in-class tech, sales and business talent
  • Policy—Reinforce Tennessee’s business-friendly reputation by advocating for policies that support startups and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem


Making Tennessee the most startup-friendly state in the country will require bold ideas and collaboration. Join us in making this vision a reality.





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