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490 BioTech Internship

490 BioTech has developed a genetic technology that enables cells to continuously glow with a harmless visible light that automatically adjusts in intensity to represent their real-time level of health. We call this technology auto bioluminescence and use it to develop light-producing human and yeast cells. These products are used by academic, pharmaceutical, contract testing, and biotechnology companies to develop new drug compounds, cellular tests, and regenerative and personalized medicine applications. We are developing the tools that will enable the next major biotechnology revolution.

Molecular Biologist Intern
We want someone to help us make a glowing brain. Ok, not a whole brain (yet), but glowing brain cell tissues. We are working with the National Institutes of Health to develop a new generation of auto bioluminescent brain cells that can monitor brain functions, track brain development, and combat brain tumor formation. Our intern will work side-by-side with our cell culture personnel to learn how to grow brain cells and endow them with synthetic DNA that will cause them to autonomously produce light either continuously, or in response to physiological triggers. The participant will be tasked with leading a project to evaluate different synthetic DNA configurations and develop an optimized version suitable for product development. This will require the performance of human cell culture and molecular and synthetic biology techniques. These techniques are applicable across many projects within our R&D portfolio and will provide experience with skill sets that can lead to full-time employment at 490 BioTech or other biotechnology-focused organizations.

Desired skills:

  • Basic competence in molecular biology (PCR, gel electrophoresis, etc.)
  • Reliability
  • Desire to learn
  • Human cell culture experience a plus!

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