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Stephen Culp

Stephen Culp

Stephen Culp

A former U.S. Navy Reserve Officer, U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, attorney, and NCAA Division I fencer, Stephen is co-founder of PriceWaiterDelegatorSmart FurnitureChattanooga Renaissance Funds I & II, and the non-profit ventures Causeway and CF Smackdown.

Stephen earned a J.D. from Stanford Law School, a fellowship from the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation, and graduated with Highest Distinction as a varsity athlete at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Stephen is a multi-patented inventor (the original “Smart Furniture”), black belt, surfer, 1996 Olympic torchbearer, 2010 Marshall Fellow, a 2016 Spirit of Innovation Keynote Speaker, and a 2016 member of Harvard Business School’s Young American Leaders Program. He has also appeared on the cover of Inc. magazine for not paying himself enough money, accidentally suspended a forklift across a drainage ditch, and while in high school in the 80s, created a video game rejected by Microsoft as “tasteless.”

Finally, and more importantly, Stephen is a husband, and father of two beloved children, and is working with researchers from Israel and UAB to put an end to cystic fibrosis.

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