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We have three options for you: 

  1. We will transfer your registration to an Early Bird Festival Pass (total: $20), and we’ll refund the difference via your original payment method.
  2. We will transfer your registration to an Early Bird Festival Pass plus the AI-powered Brella Matchmaking tool (total: $40), and we’ll refund the difference via your original payment method.
  3. We will refund the full cost of your ticket, and you can decide when you’re ready to register for 36|86 Festival and at what level.

At the bottom of your confirmation email you will find options to manage your registration or request a refund. You may also contact 3686@launchtn.org for more help.

There is no difference between our ticket types as far as access to content. Choosing the ticket type that is closest to your professional or organizational descriptor helps us better understand our audience and what you may be looking to gain out of the Festival. However, electing a Festival pass that includes payment for and access to AI-powered matchmaking with Brella will ensure you receive communications related to matchmaking.

Brella is 36|86’s platform of choice for AI-powered, facilitated networking during the virtual Festival this year. If you purchase a Brella pass, you will receive instructions in August on how to build out your profile and ensure you receive the best recommended meetings with other attendees (whether they’re investors, founders, or other members of the tech ecosystem) to optimize your time.

If you have already purchased a pass for 36|86 Festival without selecting access to Brella, please refer to your confirmation email for further information on how to add Brella to your registration.

If you purchase multiple tickets for coworkers or others in your network but don’t know exactly who you’ll be assigning them to, you can input their specific information as follows:

Within the original registration email you received, click on the “Manage Registration Details” link and you will be redirected to the registration summary where you can assign an email address to the tickets you have purchased.

Yes, once you purchase a 36|86 pass, you’ll be the first to know when we open access to Bizzabo’s Community feature, where attendees can message one another prior to and during the Festival to network and engage.

New for this year, our track structure breaks specific Festival content into categories across the following: 36|86: Health (for content surrounding health, healthcare, and life science innovations, investment, and trends), 36|86: Entertainment (for content around the trends and future of digital media and entertainment), 36|86: Build (for topics in early business-building and investment), 36|86: Scale (for topics in scaling stage companies and investment), and 36|86: Culture (for content on entrepreneurship and innovation in cultural fields, as well as improving the culture in tech and investment). These tracks are here to guide you through what you may be interested in and are open to anyone with a 36|86 pass. The schedule for content release is as follows:

Aug. 17 & 18 – 36|86: Health
Aug. 19 & 20 – 36|86: Entertainment
Aug. 21 – 36|86: Culture Part 1
Aug. 24 & 25 – 36|86: Build
Aug. 26 & 27 – 36|86: Scale
Aug. 28 – 36|86: Culture Part 2

Once you’ve registered for 36|86 Festival, you can check back into the agenda via going to launchtn.org/3686-agenda or clicking on reminder links that will be sent to your email. Then it’s as simple as confirming your registration, and you will be allowed to view the content that is being virtually streamed or broadcast during that time slot.

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