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LaunchTN’s Khrys Hatch talks 3686 connections

By Anna Truss

Editor’s note: This series features LaunchTN employees sharing their memories of 3686, as we approach the festival’s 10-year anniversary.

The first year LaunchTN senior associate Khrys Hatch attended his first 3686 festival was in 2018, as a new employee.

“I joined the team in June, and the event that year was happening in August, so I hopped right into the middle of the madness,” he said. “I got a great taste of the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem all in one place within my first three months of joining the organization.”

Khrys is a senior associate on LaunchTN’s capital team. He works with the Impact Fund, the Multi Fund for InvestTN, and the Co-Investor Network. Khrys has been a part of the LaunchTN team since 2018, when he graduated from Fisk University. This year’s 3686 Festival will be the fifth that Khrys will attend.

The LaunchTN team in 2018

During an internship, he connected with the LaunchTN team about a speaking engagement for venture capitalist Marlon Nichols, who went on to be a speaker at the 3686 Festival in 2018.

Memory lane
While a sports panel filled by CEOs of Nashville sports teams was a memorable experience, Marlon was Khrys’ favorite speaker that year.

“He brought one of the fund’s portfolio CEOs and they had a really cool, intimate fireside chat, just talking about scale and growing companies,” he said.

Khrys’ role in planning 3686 has changed and developed over the last five years. During his first year, Khrys worked with his boss to organize the investor-entrepreneur meetings. 

The process during his first year was a big, complicated puzzle that was managed via the carefully controlled chaos of Post-its and Excel spreadsheets.

“We would take screenshots of each person’s schedule of meetings and people would respond to let us know if it worked for them,” Khrys said. “If it didn’t, we had to go back to reschedule everything.”

The following year, LaunchTN discovered a software called Brella, through which investors and entrepreneurs are able to insert their schedules and plan their own meetings with one another. 

This has allowed Khrys to get more involved in content development for 3686.

Brella is still used by LaunchTN for 3686, but is now known as LaunchTN Connect. All attendees will receive an email a few weeks out from the event to access the platform.

The LaunchTN team in 2022

The capital team
The capital team’s role during 3686 is primarily focused on making sure that other funds, venture capitalists, and angel investors are having a great time at the festival through various events and specific opportunities.

“Our job is making sure that our investor programming is top notch,” Khrys said. 

Additionally, this year the team will be spreading the word about InvestTN, a new $70 million venture capital fund.

Advice from Khrys
Khrys’ advice for people who are new to 3686 this year is both practical and emotional.

He suggested that everyone complete the Brella profiles.

“Come ready and energized, and take care of yourself,” he also said. “I would also say be open to new ideas and experiences – come with that mindset and you’re going to have the best time of your life.”

There’s something for almost every entrepreneur, he said. 

“I think people should come to 3686 because they are looking for insight and information that is going to transform their business, their fund, their community,” Khrys said. “Whatever it is that you’re looking for, it’s probably gonna be on stage or in a conversation at 3686.”

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