Memphis-Based Jades Elevation Is Bringing Craftsmanship and Education To The Hemp Industry

Memphis-Based Jades Elevation Is Bringing Craftsmanship and Education To The Hemp Industry

A LaunchTN Founder Story: Danielle Buntyon, the CEO and Founder of Jades Elevation, departed from corporate America to join the hemp industry as a processor in 2018. With the mission to bring craftsmanship to the hemp industry, Jades Elevation has since become an AgTech pioneer in Tennessee and was accepted into AgLaunch’s 2022 Cultivate Appalachia cohort.


Who are the key team members at Jades Elevation?  

Danielle Buntyon, CEO

Founder Jennifer Walker, COO

Eddie Buntyon, Research and Development Manager

Could you describe the company mission and vision of Jades Elevation?

We are a small family urban farm that focus on providing the best hemp products from seed to experience. 

We have heard that the company lives by a set of core principles; could you describe those?

  • We strive to produce our products from seed to experience, while always using the most organic farming methods available.
  • Creating reliable and dependable products that provide real results
  • Following all measures for best GOP and in-house and 3rd party testing
  • We strive to be a beacon of knowledge which will allow our customers to be well informed.
  • Provide top-notch customer service

How did you hear about LaunchTN? 

We learned about LaunchTN through the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, AgLaunch, and Epicenter.

What are your future plans for your business?

Our future is very bright as we look to explore the grain and more industrial applications for the hemp plant. Each part of the plant will be used.

What inspired you to start Jades Elevation?

Jades Elevation was inspired by my daughter, Jade, and my passion for the hemp industry. I was really fascinated by the many uses of the hemp plant beyond a feeling. My family lives in California and, every time I visited, I was introduced more and more into the industry. I wanted to bring the knowledge I had of this plant back to the southern states.

What need is your business currently solving or seeking to address?

Education is a need we are addressing. We started the Elevated Learning Series in 2020. We offer online and in-person classes to help people really understand this newly-freed plant. We focus on the many uses of the plant and taking away all the hype. After education we focus on providing great hand-crafted products ranging from edibles to smokable flower. We focus on providing solutions for our customers from seed to experience.

Describe your company in 3 words:

Educational, powerhouse, evolving.

Your favorite local Tennessee business or restaurant: 

Sage Restuarant in Memphis.  We love the great drinks infused with full spectrum CBD.

Anything else you think we should know?

We are planning to expand our product line to include hemp grains and other hemp seed products like hemp tofu, milk and other plant-based items made from the hemp plant.

Company Snapshot

Date founded: 2018

Company based in: Memphis, Tennessee

Learn more about the mission of Jades Elevation: jadeselevation.com

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