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LaunchTN Internship Recap Story: Jasmine’s 2021 Experience in Nashville, TN

As we gear up to welcome the 2022 LaunchTN summer internship program participants, we are thrilled to introduce you to Jasmine Meriweather, one of our wonderful interns from the 2021 program. We caught up with Jasmine to reflect on her internship experience, next career steps, and favorite restaurants in her host city, Nashville. 

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Once again, welcome to the LaunchTN family, Jasmine! How did you hear about our internship program? 

I actually found out about the internship program from Clark Buckner, a fellow alumnus of Belmont University and Co-founder of Relationary Marketing here in Nashville. During my last semester of college, I attended an alumni panel for one of my classes and afterwards I reached out to Clark to ask him a few questions about podcasting. We stayed connected on LinkedIn and while applying for jobs, he offered me the opportunity to intern with Relationary for the summer through LaunchTN’s internship program, and the rest is history. I’m so glad I said yes to the internship!

Who was your host company? 

Relationary Marketing in Nashville, TN.

Based on your internship experience, what advice would you give to a future intern?

Be open to new experiences and opportunities. After graduating college this past April, I wasn’t sure what type of career I wanted to pursue since the Communications field is so vast. However, Relationary was quick to introduce me to a variety of opportunities such as co-hosting an episode with one of my clients to attending Podcast Movement, one of the largest podcast conferences in the country. 

What is one key career takeaway you walked away with? 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As one of the newer members on the team, I was afraid to be the person who asked “a lot of questions” in fear of being annoying or being perceived as incompetent. However, questions are a good thing. By asking questions, you are showing the company that you are engaged, eager to learn, and willing to do what it takes to be the best at your role. 

Can you share a project you worked on and why you enjoyed it? 

My main project during the internship was to oversee the company’s podcast, Brandcasting with Relationary Marketing. All of the audio content was previously recorded; however, they didn’t have a person designated to work on getting the show out the door so my overall mission was to finish what they started and help the company set an example in podcasting for their clients. My tasks included revising intro and outro scripts, reviewing blog posts, screening the episodes, coordinating episodes with editors, and drafting email newsletters. Overall, the project empowered me to confidently produce content that has various moving parts. 

How would you describe your internship experience in 3 words? 

Podcasting is fascinating!

Did you have a favorite local business or restaurant in your host city? 

It’s a tie between Slim & Husky’s and Pinewood Social. 

What’s next for you and your career? 

Fortunately, I was able to transition from an intern to a freelance contractor at Relationary so currently I work as a Client Success Manager and Audio Producer. I’ve learned a lot so far while working with the company and I look forward to helping them grow even more in 2022. I’m also excited to continuously explore the world of podcasting, content marketing, and social media in the new year.

Anything else we should know about you? 

I’m an alumna of Belmont University (class of 2021)–GO BRUINS! This past April, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Corporate Communications with a double minor in Education and Psychology.

2022 LaunchTN Summer Internship Program Snapshot

  • Applications now open through February 15, 2022
  • Program taking place from May to August 2022
  • Flexible start and end dates depending on student schedules and company preferences
  • Stipend provided, totaling $6,500 for the 12-14 week program

Student Eligibility

  • Residents of any state welcome to apply
  • Ability to relocate to host city in Tennessee OR work remotely 
  • Currently enrolled as a college student (including in doctoral or master’s programs) or recent graduate (no earlier than December 2021)

To learn more about being an intern or to apply today: https://launchtn.org/students/internship-program/

Host Company Snapshot

  • Will host interns on a full-time schedule over the 12-14 week summer program
  • Companies may recruit their own student candidates and are not required to select from LaunchTN’s applicant pool
  • Companies may apply for more than one intern on a single application. If desired, please leave a description for each intern when prompted
  • Must be a Tennessee startup company or entrepreneur center
  • Majority-based in Tennessee and remain in the state through the summer 2022 internship term
  • Should have clear and meaningful internship scope of work for potential intern

To learn more about being a 2022 Host Company or to apply today: https://launchtennesseettdc.formstack.com/forms/intern_host_app_2022

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