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36|86 From a KdT State of Mind

 Written by Cain McClary MD, Managing Partner, KdT Ventures

Reflecting on 36|86 this week, around a month and a half past the conference itself brought back a flood of amazing memories and takeaways I’m excited to share.

36|86 is hands down the most practical, most special and most fun conference I have ever attended.  

Each attendee is passionate about the businesses he or she has started or runs.  there is true diversity in both participants and opinions, and to top it all off, everyone there wants to help each other succeed, which I find extremely powerful. To put it simply, this conference makes you feel unstoppable.

Here are a  few of my takeaways from 36|86:

1) Diversity

We all know it, but 36|86 shows it: Diversity wins every day. From the diversity of participant occupations to career tenures to backgrounds, thoughts and geographical habitats, 36|86 created a truly special melting pot of entrepreneurship and innovation that enabled conversations you just can’t find anywhere else. How boring is more of the same? 36|86 does diversity right, and it’s refreshing.

2) Content

Programming at large industry conferences often turns into the same old storytelling that we’ve all heard before, but at 36|86 I experienced action-oriented panels and keynotes that offered insight I could take home with me. Rather than being prompted to follow a cookie-cutter method that once worked for someone, at 36|86, speakers offered real-world knowledge that encouraged me to take action, which is what entrepreneurship is all about.

3) Location

You just can’t beat Nashville.  I love how 36|86 steps away from a traditional convention center and instead hosts its panels and networking activities in some of the most iconic downtown Nashville establishments where the night before boots were stomping on the ground. Not only did the unique venues allow for more intimate conversations with peers and potential partners,  but the happy hours were epic, showcasing incredible views of the city with fun abounding. Did I mention the two-day event ended with a concert? Are you kidding me!?

36|86 is more than a conference – it’s an entrepreneurship festival. Needless to say, I will definitely be back. See you then!

About KdT Ventures
KdT Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund investing at the intersection of frontier computational science and the life sciences (chemicals, agriculture, and medicine).

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