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Take this quiz to unlock smarter investor networking, only at 36|86

Are you ready to meet the right investors for your startup? 

Get your pass today for 36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival (Aug. 29-30) to meet face-to-face with investors looking to network with YOU in Nashville. Using the VIRAL (Venture Investment-Readiness and Awareness Levels) framework developed by Village Capital, we’ve launched an interactive quiz, the VIRAL Pathfinder, to help you discover how ready your startup is for investment. (Read more about how awesome this is.) From there, we’ll connect you with investors searching for companies like yours, setting you up for deeper, more productive conversations with potential partners.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy a pass for 36|86 (best advice you’ve had all day).
  2. Unlock the VIRAL Pathfinder quiz (this is the fun part)! The interactive questions are designed to get to the heart of your company’s experience, market size, business model and more.
  3. Get your investor-readiness level plus tips for meeting with investors that will yield big results at 38|86!
  4. Arrive at 36|86 and meet with the right investors, based on your VIRAL number (they take the quiz too!).
  5. Move your business forward.


Yes, it’s really that easy, and this system works! In fact, 92% of startups who have used VIRAL said it better prepared them for investment. All 36|86 attendees MUST take the quiz to participate in investor matchmaking. To take the quiz, you first MUST get your 36|86 pass.

Don’t miss your chance to sit down with the investor that could take your company to the next level! Secure your spot asap before those prime meetings get snatched up.

We can’t wait to see you take home the capital at 36|86!


36|86 is the Southeast’s premier gathering of founders, investors and ecosystem builders. With 40+ growth-oriented panels, a new twist on founder:VC networking, the very best of Music City and so much more.

Aug. 29-30 in Nashville

Get your pass today!

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